RC Delhi South impacts communities

In the past seven years RC Delhi South, RID 3011, a 55-year-old club with 79 members, has empowered nearly 2,000 women with a new career in tailoring through its vocational training centre established in association with the NGO Nai Disha Educational and Cultural Society on the NGO’s campus. The club has equipped the centre with 20 sewing machines. Presently, 40 women from less privileged families are undergoing the course.

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Nigar Shaji: breaking gender stereotypes

In ISRO, I believe, all the missions that we have taken up have become possible and met with success, because our mantra is taking pride in whatever we do and thanks to a sense of belonging. Self-motivation is the ISRO culture, for the Aditya mission too,” said Nigar Shaji, project director of ISRO’s Aditya-L1, India’s first solar observatory, which has reached its destination. She was addressing a session at the Bengaluru zone institute where she was honoured for the role she was playing in leading the Aditya-L1 mission to the Sun.

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Meet your Governors

Rotary must hold training and orientation sessions for new members to educate them about “our global activities, so that they are involved in our service projects. It will increase our membership, and we must focus on public image building too,” says Arun Mongia.

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To throw or not to throw….

Over the last 25 years our family has shrunk. But for some reason that I can’t explain, our house has grown from a two-bedroom thing with a large terrace to a five-bedroom thing with virtually no terrace. We only use one bedroom, however. The remaining four rooms are used as storerooms, because, well, they are there. But every now and then, the urge to clean up, especially when the weather is benign, comes upon us and we start looking for things we can discard or, because hope springs eternal, sell. But eventually all the effort results in nothing more than rearranging a lot of junk. It also involves severe emotional obstinacy on everyone’s part. Fights ensue. Sulks rule the day. In the end it’s the whiskey that provides much needed balm.

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