The marriage that shook India

The principal merit of Sheela Reddy’s beautifully written and highly acclaimed book Mr and Mrs Jinnah, which is about their unlikely love affair and tragic marriage, resulting in Ruttie Jinnah’s suicide on her 29th birthday through an overdose of sleeping pills, is that she corrects the stereotype

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Grooming adventuresome leaders

Management training is usually designed as Indoor ­Management Development (IMD) — and is done through classrooms, seminars, conferences or case studies. Gurus including Peter Drucker have pioneered different aspects of management and written many books. About 40 years ago, Outdoor ­Management Development (OMD) evolved for training managers and

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A feisty police officer

What is immediately striking about the biography Caught by the Police is the deep reverence of the children for their father. The book is co-authored by Ranjit Gupta, former Indian Ambassador, Harsh Gupta, I A S, former Chief Secretary, Himachal Pradesh, Meera Yog, HoD, English, ­Lucknow University, Madhukar Gupta I A S, former

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