Club Matters – May 2020

RC Chidambaram Central — RID 2981 The club constructed a waiting hall and ­toilet block at the Sub-Collector’s Office and planted trees on the premises. The project costing Rs.1.5 lakh enhanced the public image of Rotary. _____________________________________________

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Rotary, polio and COVID-19

Over the coming months, the extensive polio infrastructure Rotary helped build will be used to support preparedness and response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on decades of experience stopping polio outbreaks, Rotary and our partners have a critical role to play in protecting communities

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Ensuring good sleep for children

Nothing gives us great pleasure than seeing a child sleeping peacefully. But unfortunately, not many children enjoy the luxury of a good sleep. We see children, even infants, sleeping on platforms and other unhygienic places, and mostly with just a tattered piece of cloth for a bedsheet,

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RI Director Bharat Pandya is Treasurer for Rotary International for 2020-21, when Holgar Knaack will be RI President, JohritaSolari will be the Vice President and Stephanie Urchick, the Executive Committee Chair.