Letters to the Editor – May 2024

Water warriors

India could become a water scarce nation in the near future due to mismatch between the resources and demand, warns Preethi Mehra in her article Water is not for wasting. Because of our carelessness we waste some quantity of water, which if saved, could benefit us in the long run; but charity begins at home. By adopting simple steps to control and regulate the flow of water while having a shower, shaving, brushing your teeth, arresting pipeline leakage, replacing washers in dripping taps, we can save water.

At homes, mopping of floors is recommended. Rainwater ­harvesting is a must as it stores water and also reduces waterlogging. The ­government’s scheme of constructing 1.42 crore rainwater harvesting and recharge structures across the ­country will save 185 billion cubic meters of rainfall. We must consume water ­judiciously by becoming ‘water warriors’ in our community.

V R T Dorairaja, RC Tiruchirapalli — D 3000

I congratulate the editorial team of Rotary News for portraying the honesty of Rotary in such an effective manner. This is journalism at its best here. The warning letter of RI ­President Gordon Mclnally (Sept 2023) to Rotary leaders of some countries regarding violation of the Code of Conduct has come at the right time. At present, PETS/SETS are going on and Rotary’s code of polices need to be strictly followed in these training programmes.

They should know that a Rotary club can lose its charter and can be shut down for influencing members’ votes. It is imperative for every incoming Rotary club president/Board member to nip harassment issues at the bud and not allow matters to escalate. The Rotary oath on code of conduct, to be taken, understood and displayed along with The 4-Way Test, might be adopted during the installation of Rotary clubs in India.

With Rotaractors taking part in RYLAs and GSEs in large numbers, district committee members should be trained in handling charges of harassment during elections and follow the reporting procedure as listed in the Code of Conduct with nil retaliation to the complainants.

Jagannath Santra, RC Jamshedpur — D 3250

I went through the report on Sri Lankan Rotarians who are doing excellent work in beating breast and cervical cancer in women. Rotary in India too is doing this noble task by sending screening vans in various part of India, especially in small towns and villages, to provide free tests to women for breast and cervical cancer. It is great that girls in the age group of 10–14 years are vaccinated as a preventive measure. Great work done by Rotarians to save the lives of daughters, mothers and friends.

T D Bhatia, RC Delhi Mayur Vihar — D 3012

With reference to Srinivasa Raghavan’s article Dealing with the invasion of the idiots in the April issue, one can say his son is brilliant in the usage of the word ‘obedient’ as a safeguard, and indeed very smart to choose journalism as his career, a profession which fools many.

Ishwardayal Jaiman, RC Greater Lucknow — D 3120

Showcasing women DGs

The Editor’s cover article Seven women governors break through the glass ceiling in India was superb. Congratulations to them. V Muthukumaran’s Keep giving to TRF was magnificent since TRF is the number one humanitarian NGO in the world with Four-Star rating from Charity Navigator, US.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — D 3201

Delighted to see the colourful cover photo of the April edition, featuring seven women ­district governors. The accompanying article is interesting as they have openly expressed their views about women’s empowerment and how Rotary has moulded them into good leaders. RI President Gordon McInally has given a graphic account of wars plaguing various parts of the world and the need for Rotary to usher in peace. The editor has nicely explained the gender ­inequalities faced by women in all fields. RID Raju ­Subramanian talks about ­positive changes and the  importance of club activities. TRF trustee chair Barry Rassin has focused on ­environment projects.

What Rotary clubs can do to help the environment is informative and useful. In the Go Green column, the article Water is not for wasting is an eyeopener to all as water scarcity will continue to scare us. Club Hop photos are colourful with apt narrative.

The April issue is excellent, with so many ­interesting articles. Kudos to the ­editorial team for the beautiful magazine every month.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

It is heartening to see the cover page with women district governors. Women comprise only 23 per cent of Rotary membership; there is still a long way to go. The latest mantra — diversity, equity and inclusion — can only be fulfilled if more women members join the organisation.

RI director Raju Subramanian’s words “… how our commitment transcends mere volunteering; it becomes woven into our lives. We don’t just set goals; we embody purpose,” are remarkable.

N Anthri Vedi, RC Hyderabad, Mega City — D 3150


Kudos to Lankan Rotarians: PRIP Risely

Thank you for sending me Rotary News each month. I particularly enjoyed reading in the March issue about the early cancer detection centre in Sri Lanka, which is an outstanding example of cooperation between the Rotary clubs of Colombo and Birmingham plus our Rotary Foundation. It is also an example of how a relationship with a generous group such as the Dilmah Foundation can bring such a wonderful project to fruition. Congratulations to past president K R ­Ravindran for facilitating this excellent facility.

PRIP Ian Riseley


Nurturing Rotaractors pays huge dividend

The article Rotary-Rotaract relationship is still evolving in the March issue has stirred me to share my views with you.

The concept of Rotaract being a part of the broader Rotary family had existed ever since the youngsters were brought into our fold but it was on paper only, till the last COL, when it started to take root in earnest.

My home club, RC Malda Central, had sponsored a Rotaract club about a decade ago. But after a few years, the new board was not interested in mentoring it and the Rotaract club had languished. Later on, the following club presidents and boards showed a positive intent to nurture the Rotaract club, and made an astounding impact.

Apart from their regular activity, Rotaractors took active part in the district conference when I was the DG in 2018–19. Many of them spent sleepless nights, and took up several responsibilities under the guidance of Rotarians. The teamwork was to be seen to be believed. Hats off to them.

This year, nine of our past Rotaractors have joined my home club. Already they are taking on leadership roles and we are happy that our future is now secure. But the Rotary-­Rotaract relationship is still not well-defined in the minds of the majority of our Rotarians. We need to define this relationship clearly if Rotary has to survive. There is no shortcut.

Sayantan Gupta, RC Malda Central — D 3240

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