Check out cancer

We have written about holistic health and aerobics at some length in our recent columns. The cynic and the couch potato may dismiss this as a good-in theory-but-does-it-actually-work in practice? Time then to take our Fitness-for-Life approach from the library and test-run it on the killing fields of real life. Pit it against the arguably Enemy Number One, ­Cancer. Cancer is a fatal disease if it runs its course. But the good news is holistic health and lifestyle can nip cancer in the bud (read cell) if treated at an early state and stage. Aerobic exercise is both a shield and sword in this ancient all-pervading perennial disease. And aerobic exercise is the missile to launch and target a preemptive strike on cancer. Prevention is the best cure.

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The importance of adequate sleep

Create your own virtuous cycle. We had to literally think out-of-the-(meal) box, thanks to our dentist’s appointments. We stuck to our two-meal daily intake (lunch and ­dinner) and ate what we have done for decades — homemade oil-less food that we recommend. We ‘upped’ our meal times: lunch at noon, supper at 6pm, and decided to turn in at 8pm. Early to bed and early to rise may or may not make us wealthy. But it definitely ticks the healthy and wise boxes. Just waking up before dawn is like gaining an extra day. But before we get to sleep and its benefits, let’s get one thing straight.

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Mantra for health & longevity

Look around and you’ll generally find that the next generation is taller than yours, and life spans have increased. Yet, a longer life is not necessarily better. Life expectancy has quite a bit to do with expectations of life. American writer Dan Buettner’s documentary Live to 100 is indeed a lesson in longevity. And his 263 centenarians are personifications of that. Moreover, as he explores the happiness-health habitat, we realise that life is profoundly simple. And simply profound.

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