Dos & don’ts for district trainers

If you want responsible Rotarians, give them responsibility by engaging them in regular meetings, events and service projects so that “they feel the belongingness and don’t leave the organisation,” said RI President Jennifer Jones. Addressing the 30 district trainers-elect at Visakha Vista Rotary zone institute, she said,

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A Run to Read

The Run to Read programme was a dream shared by institute convenor RI director Mahesh Kotbagi a few months ago at an institute committee meeting. He said that apart from regular institute programmes “we should do a massive service project and a public image exercise. So we

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Visakha Vista sidelights

Sunny’s autographed bat fetches Rs.45 lakh!     After Sunny Gavaskar had completed his speech, he was requested to take a few balls from Rotarians including RI director Mahesh Kotbagi, and the ­Little Master gently tapped them towards the audience, the ball of course being a tennis ball.

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