Egypt… an awe-inspiring civilisation

Ancient history has always fascinated me though I’m not a student of history. I learnt in high school the lacklustre history of India under the British and its parallel American history; both deterrents to proceed further. But my attention was captured in junior school by the thin

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A memorable holiday in Taiwan

A few years ago we were invited to Taiwan, a place we did not know much about. There were some official meetings, but we had some extra time to see some of the northern areas during our 4-day stay there. Our hosts, the Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers

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Colourful Colombia

Imagine coming across an article titled “How to stay safe in Colombia”, with the preamble running thus: “Cartagena (the beautiful port city of Colombia) has been the focus of a crackdown by the authorities on sex tourism and attacks against foreigners”, when you are planning a trip

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