Project Vignettes – May 2024

Tata Power marks Autism Awareness Month

Tata Power’s Mumbai headquarters was lit in blue in April (Autism Awareness Month), showing solidarity with the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) communities. ­Collaborating with NIEPID, Tata Power has launched a digital ­Neurodiversity Care platform for early identification of ASD and its therapy access.


DG Swati Herkal, along with club members, after giving bicycles to a school.

Cycles and notebooks for students

DG Swati Herkal gave 25 bicycles costing ₹1.32 lakh sponsored by RC Wai, RID 3132, to a school to add to its bicycle bank used to provide cycles to girl students. Notebooks worth ₹48,000, also sponsored by the club, were distributed to 2,000 students from 24 schools.


Students with their stationery kits.

Stationery kits donated to Sri Lankan School

RC Kalyan, RID 3142, recently entered into a sister club agreement with RC Uva Hills, RID 3220, Sri Lanka. The two clubs jointly distributed stationery kits to students at the Tamil Vidyalaya school in Spring Valley, Badulla.


A CPR demonstration to help students understand the procedure.

RID 3060 trains 16,000 people in CPR

Rotary clubs of RID 3060 celebrated Rotary’s 119th ­anniversary by training 16,147 people to ­administer  cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to save people who had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Fifty ­mannequins were sent to various clubs to help them provide hands-on training to people.

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