Let’s make our clubs interesting

Dear Rotary Family,

Greetings as we embrace the enchantment of a new Rotary theme — The Magic of Rotary.

As we journey through the seventh month of this Rotary year, I am thrilled to share that our districts are not just thriving, but are accomplishing remarkable feats in executing our plans. Having attended several district conferences-, I’ve witnessed the incredible work undertaken by Rotarians. I am confident that each of you will continue to Create Hope in the World, paving the way for The Magic of Rotary to unfold.

February is designated as Peace and Conflict Resolution Month. This month also marks the anniversary of Rotary’s inaugural meeting on February 23, 1905, now celebrated as World Understanding and Peace Day. It provides each club with a unique opportunity to pause, plan and promote the fourth Avenue of Service, emphasising Rotary’s commitment to goodwill, peace and understanding worldwide. Our organisation advances these values through initiatives focused on health improvement, support for education and poverty alleviation. In Rotary, diversity and inclusivity reign supreme, transcending colour and gender. Let us embrace these principles as we dignify all professions and work together to foster peace, echoing Paul Harris’ words: “The way to war is a well-paved highway, and the way to peace is still a wilderness.”

The Rotary zone institute held in Bengaluru was  a testament to teamwork and dedication. Sixteen months of tireless planning and effort reached a crescendo in a grand event. The institute team, along with Rotarians from districts 3191 and 3192, played a pivotal role in elevating this occasion to new heights — making it bigger, better and bolder than ever before. While your accolades and good wishes from across the globe energised the team, what truly stood out was the exceptional cooperation among the delegates.

Let’s remain steadfast in our focus on member retention and growth. The International Assembly emphasised pursuing a richer club experience, because members don’t leave Rotary; they leave uninteresting clubs. While our target of becoming a $2.025 billion Foundation is on track, the need for funding is escalating. Eradicating polio remains a formidable challenge; champion the Foundation and actively fundraise for polio.

I am genuinely encouraged to witness districts effectively addressing challenges at the local level, without resorting to undesirable campaigns. Our collective image requires a swift overhaul, and our leadership is unequivocally committed to maintaining a zero tolerance policy. While acknowledging the phenomenal work we are undertaking, we must refrain from diluting our positive impact with internal issues and conflicts. Let us uphold the integrity and reputation of our Rotary community, and ensure that our accomplishments shine undiminished by discord. Let’s continue crafting the story of Rotary with passion, dedication and a touch of magic. Together we can create a world steeped in understanding, goodwill and peace.

Raju Subramanian
RI Director, 2023–25

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