Rotary chief to honour 2 Indiana clubs Two northeast Indiana clubs celebrate their 100th and first anniversaries with John Germ presiding both the events.

Rotary International President John Germ
Rotary International President John Germ

Rotary International President John F Germ will help two northeast Indiana clubs, US, celebrate their 100th and first anniversaries.

Germ is scheduled to address the Rotary Club of Huntington (Indiana, District 6540) on the night of June 1 at its 100th anniversary gala, according to a Wednesday news release from the service organisation.

At noon on Friday, he will visit Summit City South Rotary Club (Indiana, District 6540) to help celebrate its first year.

“Many Rotarians never have the opportunity to meet the president of Rotary International,” said Floyd Lancia of the Anthony Wayne Rotary and Regional Rotary Foundation coordinator.

Lancia will escort and introduce Germ at both Rotary events.

“This visit will help all attendees, and especially newer club members, to better understand first-hand the vast scope and impact of Rotary’s humanitarian efforts around the globe.”

Michelle Chambers, president of Summit City South Rotary, said in a statement she is excited about Germ’s visit and that it coincides with the first anniversary celebration.

Summit City South Rotary was chartered May 26, 2016. Its Friday meeting will be at The Summit, 1025 W Rudisill Blvd.

Germ, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, is chief executive officer and board chair of Campbell and Associates Inc, an engineering consulting firm.

A veteran of the Air Force, Germ’s extensive background includes serving on the boards of several organisations including the Public Education Foundation, Orange Grove Centre Inc and the Blood Assurance Inc.

He is founder and treasurer of the Chattanooga State Technical Community College Foundation and president of the Tennessee Jaycee Foundation. 

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