A Delhi Rotarian at the Rotary Day at UNESCO

From L: TRF Cadre vice-chair Carolyn Johnson; Anna Cristina d’Addio, head, thematic division, UNESCO’s Global Education; Ritika Anand, joint secretary of RC Delhi City and TRF Cadre member at a session.

Ritika Anand, joint secretary of RC Delhi City, RID 3012, and principal of St Mark’s Senior Secondary School, Meera Bagh, Delhi, made a presentation on ‘Contribution of Technology in Education’ at the Rotary Day at UNESCO event held at the UNESCO House in Paris. This year’s event (2023–24) that focused on education and peace was presided over by RI President Gordon McInally.

Ritika, a cadre member of TRF’s technical advisors for Basic Education and Literacy, said that she highlighted teachers’ valuable contributions in building value and ethics in children and how the GoI’s Prashant App helps evaluate 21 disabilities in students. “We had insightful exchanges on the opportunities and challenges of technology in education and why it is important for teachers to continuously update themselves on the various developments.” Ritika is a recipient of the National Teacher Award presented by President of India Droupadi Murmu on Teachers’ Day (Sept 5).

Quentin Wodon, director of UNESCO’s International Institute of Capacity Building in Africa, and Anna Cristina d’Addio, head of the thematic section, Global Education, were part of the session which was moderated by TRF Cadre vice-chair Carolyn Johnson.

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