Car rally to celebrate womanhood

Men don’t take it as a challenge anymore when women overtake them in a driving lane. They are getting used to it and likewise Rotary too is giving us women an opportunity to control the gears,” says Jayashree Mohanty, President, Rotary E-Club, D 3262, talking about the Rotary Kalinga Women’s TSD (Time Speed Distance) Rally, organised at Bhubaneswar by the club, in association with Kalinga Motor Sports Club, Bhubaneswar, and Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India.


A training session was conducted to orient the ­participants about the TSD format, based on which the winners were ­chosen. The 100-km rally was flagged of by DG Narayan Nayak and spouse Rtn Sunanda Nayak. Strategically placed check points helped to ascertain if the participants were adhering to the set route, time frame and speed.
The winners bagged a cash prize of Rs 75,000.

A video clip showing the various Rotary projects was played at the closing ceremony to encourage more women to join Rotary.

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