Snap Shots – May 2016

600--- Snap Shot - Ravi-Drums---Rwanda
RI President K R Ravindran and Sir Emeka Offor try their hands at the drums during the Home Hospitality event at the ­Medicare Mission at Rwanda.



TRF Trustee Chair Ray ­Klinginsmith inaugurated a toilet block and wash ­station provided by D 3140 in a girls’ school in Wada near ­Mumbai. The District has ­constructed 500-plus toilet blocks and wash stations in schools around ­Mumbai under the WinS programme.



RIPN Ian Riseley being ­presented a Taj Mahal ­replica by Sharat Chandra, DG of ­District 3110, while on a ­private visit to Agra. Also seen (from left) PRID Yash Pal Das, Chief ­District ­Secretary Rajesh ­Bhagra and AG Digambar Dhakre.



PDG Utpal Majumdar (extreme right), D 3291, was honoured with RI’s Service Above Self Award at the District ­Conference in Kolkata.


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