Rotary upgrades neonatal ICU in Hyderabad

Now doctors and paramedical staff at the Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad, can have access to the latest medical equipment to save critically ill newborns at the neonatal ICU (NICU). This is thanks to RC Hyderabad Mavericks, RID 3150, revamping the facility through a global grant in partnership with RC Global Wizards and US clubs, RCs Simsbury-Granby, RID 7890; Livermore, 5170; and Westwood Village, RID 5280.

The well-equipped NICU at the Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad.

With the guidance of District Service Projects chair Suren Poruri and DRFC K Prabhakar, equipment worth ₹48 lakh wase donated to the NICU to improve treatment facilities for newborns. One of the largest hospitals in Asia, the 1,200-bed hospital is renowned for providing quaternary care (advanced medical services) in obstetric, paediatrics and maternal fetal medicine. In a day, the hospital provides free OPD care to 1,000 children, 150 get admitted; and 700 critical newborns are treated at its NICU in a month.

Some of the high-tech equipment donated by Rotary include image scanning machines, pulse oximeters, multichannel monitors, T-Piece Resuscitators and phototherapy units. “The project was aimed at enhancing the capacity of NICU in treating high-risk deliveries through faster turnaround time, better monitoring of pre- and post delivery neonatal care and efficient assessment of neonatal conditions,” said P Vanasri, president, RC Hyderabad Mavericks.

An infant undergoing a scan at the NICU.

On an average, over 300 high-risk babies will benefit from the project every month, and over 2,500 infants in a year, she said. Doctors, nurses and technical staff at the NICU can work with greater efficiency to save the newborns, thanks to the upgraded facilities made possible through Rotary’s global grant, he added.

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