Rotary t-shirts for African explorers The 38-member expedition team from Fairfax Academy will be travelling across Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe sporting a personalised t-shirt designed by RC Wylde Green.

The African expedition team from Fairfax Academy sporting Rotary t-shirts.
The African expedition team sporting Rotary t-shirts.

On Saturday (July 7) 34 pupils and four teachers from Fairfax Academy in Sutton Coldfield, UK, left on an adventure of a lifetime with everyone sporting a personalised expedition t-shirt thanks to the Rotary Club of Wylde Green (RIBI, D 1060).

Known as the Nambotzia Expedition, the group will be away until August 5, travelling through Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

They will be getting around by truck and on push bikes.

The trip is destined to be an adventure of a lifetime for the group and it will include night camping, a climb at sunrise, sandboarding, visiting a nature reserve, seeing a seal sanctuary, canoeing and white water rafting.

The party will visit Victoria Falls and enjoy a sunset cruise.

Whilst away the group will spend 5 days at Mizpah Primary School in Zimbabwe.

Lessons will be taken by the Fairfax pupils in the arts, maths and English.

They plan to work with the whole village to help develop young girls primarily.

It is hoped that the memories the African girls will be left with will help them aspire to achieve their potential in life and they have in mind that a mural board is a possible way of leaving a lasting reminder for the pupils.

The local people will cater for the group who will be staying in tents whilst there.

Fairfax pupils have had to raise funds for their trip.

Some organised charity days whilst others took jobs to earn money to pay their way.

This in itself has been seen as a learning exercise in appreciating the value of money.

Manny Avdjian, Group Leader and Head of Drama at Fairfax commented:

“I would like to express our gratitude for the continuing support we at Fairfax Academy receive from the Rotary Club of Wylde Green.”

“They helped us with a theatrical production last year and now they have provided these wonderful t-shirts for everyone on the expedition.”

“What has really impressed us has been that Rotary has genuinely wanted to support us and the kindness of their actions.”

“In this day and age it is so rare for anyone wanting to do anything for anyone else unless it is for a benefit. The Rotarians are doing it because they want to.”

The expedition logo was designed by Keeley Clarke, who is a graphic designer for the Fairfax Multi-Academy Trust.

The t-shirts were arranged via Club and Corporate Wear Ltd, a company owned by Rotarian and former Fairfax pupil John Baden.

Speaking for the Rotary Club, its President Nick Thurston said:

“The young people from Fairfax Academy have this wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity to explore Africa.”

“As well as being very exciting and action packed from start to finish, longer term the impact on their self development will remain with them when they leave school and move on to their chosen careers.”

“Rotary is fully behind helping young people and my colleagues and I are pleased that we have been able to show our support in the way we have on this occasion.”

We’re looking forward to hearing all about the expedition later in the year.”

The Wylde Green Rotary Club has a varied and interesting programme at a local, national and international level.

A lively group of men and women, meetings are held each Tuesday evening at Pype Hayes Golf Club, Eachelhurst Road, Sutton Coldfield where a warm welcome awaits anyone interested in finding out more.

Source: Royal Sutton News

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