RC Gandevi holds cancer screening camps

More than 800 rural and tribal women were examined at a week-long breast cancer awareness and screening camps held across seven villages by RC Gandevi, RID 3060, in partnership with RC Chikhli River Front. DGE Prashant Jani inaugurated the camps in the presence of Dr Mehsul Deliwala from the District Health Office, Navsari.

Villagers with Rotarians  at a cancer screening camp.
Villagers with Rotarians at a cancer screening camp.

Thanks to the mammography bus provided by RC Amravati, RID 3030, the club toured the villages to examine rural women. With good support from the local health department, specifically from ASHA workers, all the seven camps saw a good turnout of women from the surrounding villages. “More than 175 mammograms and over 385 pap smear tests were done free of cost for the beneficiaries. All the expenses were borne by us through donations,” said Parimal Naik, Grants Coordinator and charter member.

The club had earlier organised two cancer screening camps in 2010 and 2014 with a mammography bus given by the Gujarat Cancer Research Institute. “Chartered in January 2000, the club has become quite popular in more than 40 villages for its service projects for the deprived people,” he said.

The club is planning for a global grant to own a cancer screening van worth ₹1 crore by next year. “We will use the medical van to detect cervical, oral, prostrate, ovarian and blood cancer, besides for mammogram services,” he said.

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