Letters to the Editor – Novembeer 2019

Literacy challenge

I endorse the views of the Editor when she says, “there are millions of Indians for whom any education, even literacy, remains a dream beyond their reach.” It is all because of lack of resources. But still poor people are very serious about giving quality education to their children. Hats off to Rotary which has accepted this gigantic challenge of making India totally literate by 2025, besides its commitment to eradicate polio.

RI President Mark Maloney has laid emphasis on conquering polio with a steadfast mind and strong will. RIDs Bharat Pandya and Kamal  Sanghvi have also focused on this dreaded disease through their messages This disease could be wiped off with the help of all Rotarians.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — RID 3080

The appeal made by RIPN Sekhar Mehta to make India literate by 2025 calls for massive involvement and commitment. We need support of the Central and State governments, social organisations, student community and the entire nation to achieve this grand vision. As per the available data, there are only seven states which have literacy rate between 60 and 70 per cent. The rest are above 70 per cent. The new data must be based on 100 per cent sampling like the Census.

The documentation has to be updated on time. The outputs from TEACH can be used to identify the problem areas. It may be worthwhile to look for volunteers from PDGs from Kerala who have expertise in this regard.

Dr NRUK Kartha, RC Trivandrum Suburban — RID 3211

Nice travel piece

Kiran Zehra has given minute details about the Andaman Islands which are fascinating making one want to go there immediately. Havelock, Neil and Rose Islands are described in such a way as if we are there right now. After reading this article, one won’t need a guide to visit Andamans!

O P Khadiya, RC Jaipur Kohinoor — RID 3054

Annapurna, a great project

Sincerity, passion and meticulous planning went behind the success of RC Solapur’s Annapurna project. I was amazed to observe the present set of office-bearers maintaining the tempo and zeal to keep going a 12-year-old signature project. I appreciate the Editor’s exploration in unearthing such a beautiful Rotary service story which most often remains relegated to oblivion. Congratulations to the club for not rejecting the policies and decisions of its past presidents.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — RID 3262

Exemplary articles like RC Solapur’s tiffin-meal initiative motivate Rotarians to launch similar humanitarian projects for the needy. It is inspiring to see the picture of senior citizens holding Rotary tiffin boxes. Such pictures encourage us to take up projects like distribution of woollen clothes, shoes, stationery, notebooks, schoolbags, etc to the needy people. Besides, projects like the installation of handwash stations, toilets, rainwater harvesting and distribution of cloth bags help us keep the planet green and clean.

Ashok Jindal, RC Nabha Greater Nabha — RID 3090

The cover photo of September issue is really attractive with senior citizens holding tiffin boxes. The the article Little England of British India is interesting. We are proud to get the fourth RI President (2021–22) from India in Shekhar Mehta who is rightly taking up membership as the focus area in his tenure. The retention of membership is an important; at a programme of RID 3291 on public image and literacy, Mehta addressed this issue in a forthright manner.

We were delighted to read the article on 100 years of Rotary in Kolkata in the August issue. The pictures in Memories from Hamburg are great and the write-up on the bone bank in Chennai was interesting. We wait eagerly every month to read the magazine.

Soumitra Chakraborty, RC Tollygunge — RID 3291

Right focus on girl child education

Both the RI Directors have asked us to take care of education with Dr Bharat Pandya urging Rotarians to focus on educating of girl child which will benefit the entire family. Kamal Sanghvi says that “one child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

Let us all welcome RIPN Shekhar Mehta (2021–22) as RI President. He has rightly emphasised on arresting the membership decline. Hearty congratulations to the RC Solapur team for continuing the 12-year-old tiffin-meal project with great passion. We hope they take up similar projects in the years to come.

Another lofty project, the greening of cyanide dump in the Kolar Gold Fields by RC Bangalore Orchards needs to be appreciated as they had to surmount many hurdles in the course of its implementation. These dumps have taken a heavy toll on the lives of locals.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — RID 3000

The prestige of an organisation depends on the conduct of its members. They are the flagbearers of its philosophy and beliefs. Higher positions call for higher scrutiny. For many years, many Rotary clubs have ignored the basic principles of the organisation, with most of its members ignorant or indifferent about the objective of the Four-Way-Test. We need to ponder over this to stop deterioration in standards in Rotary before it is too late.

Subhash Bansal, RC Ambala — RID 3080

I congratulate Rtr Dhruv Parikh, President, Rotaract Club of ISME, RID 3141, for launching a campaign to prevent suicide. Rotaractors are the backbone of Rotary and future Rotarians. With such motivation sessions, one gets the power to overcome tough situations.

Jay Mehta, RC Surendranagar — RID 3060


Great service for hearing handicapped children


The cover story on RC Mysore West’s pioneering work for children with hearing loss was a class apart and gave a detailed coverage and classy pictures.

The regret is we missed meeting you in Mysore and spending some quality time with you to discuss Rotary. I will be taking up my presidentship next year and on behalf of our club, invite you to visit us and see some of our community projects.

A N Aiyanna, RC Mysore Midtown — RID 3181

I thank Rasheeda Bhagat for introducing to the Rotary world the inspirational project of RC Mysore West. The true meaning of Rotary is seen on the cover page of the October issue — happy children who’ve been empowered. This resonates with this year’s theme: Connecting the world, as these special children get good speech and hearing training.

RC Omerga is doing excellent work in water conservation, benefitting around two lakh people in the drought-prone Marathwada. This project is the outcome of hard work of Rotarians with the participation of public and farmers and will build Rotary’s credibility and ­public image in the region.

Navin Ramesh Garg RC Sunam — RID 3090

It is a fact that blindness separates people from things and deafness separates people from people. The service provided by RC Mysore West for children with hearing loss is appreciable. It is a challenging activity as there are lack of facilities to train such special children at the earliest and bring them back into mainstream education. I salute the club president and its members for a remarkable achievement.

Chinmaya Mahapatra,  RC Bhubaneswar Heritage — RID 3262

The article on RC West Mysore’s pioneering work for children with hearing loss was commendable and worth reading. RI President Mark Maloney has set forth novel ideas to be followed by clubs for eradicating polio from the world. The Editor’s Note rightly turns the focus on education of children from low-income families. The two RI Directors — Bharat Pandya and Kamal Sanghvi — have given advice worth following. One hopes the Indian DGs’ goal of collecting $30 million this year is met. Thanks for publishing the updated Rotarian Code of Conduct which is useful information. The article Comfort books make travelling a pleasure is an excellent piece of advice for readers. I really enjoy reading the magazine every month as it gives detailed coverage of services rendered by Rotarians to minimise people’s suffering. Your team does a great job.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — RID 3211

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