Member engagement — our guiding mantra


This is the time of the year when several members, more so in our region, decide on the worthiness of continuing their membership in Rotary. Needless to say, a strong and growing membership is a prerequisite for a robust and a vibrant club.

Not just members, but loyal constituents that actively engage in events and opportunities, will allow the club to develop a culture and ensure the success of its services and project initiatives.

The onus is on senior members of the club to include the newer members in conversations, engage them in activities and make them feel wanted and relevant in the broader scheme of things of the club.

Everyone has a reason for joining Rotary and all of those reasons are acceptable. It could be for service, fellowship, friendship, self-development, etc.  Over a period, this reason keeps changing as one evolves in the organisation.  However, the key factor to remember is that nobody is there without a reason. The more opportunities the club offers to its members to engage in activities that addresses their individual needs, the stronger would be the bond between the member and the club.

The gains of member retention are something of a long game but the rewards of patience are great and extremely satisfying. In addition, a robust membership retention strategy can lead to an increase in new member acquisition as well. Strong member retention rates and a high level of member engagement allow you to build a reputation of excellence. While current members will espouse the club’s programmes and projects passionately, prospective members will be drawn in by the public image that you would have automatically nurtured.

The best brand ambassadors for our organisation are the ones who are already in. A natural corollary to this is that those who leave make poor brand ambassadors. Let this be the guiding mantra. Engagement of members in the club’s activities  doesn’t happen by chance. It is the result of a thought-out strategy, conscious decisions and sincere implementation. I urge every one of you to play your part in this. We need to sow the seeds today if we want the fruits tomorrow.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush!

A S Venkatesh
RI Director, 2021–23

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