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As Rotary moves towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion in its membership profile, an immediate challenge emerges. Assimilation of myriad personalities, their insights and thoughts, into a potent collective to give a deeper impetus to our vision. These new ideas help us do sustainable service projects that leave a lasting impact on the lives of challenged world communities we serve. This process enriches our lives.

Our world today demands greater knowledge of emerging new technologies to offer more comfort, convenience and entertainment. Through improvements in digital technologies to artificial intelligence we see a faster rate of disruption and change in organising our work and home life, and do better  service projects for greater success. RI has adapted a hybrid culture of virtual and physical meetings. From mere entertainment and recreation, Rotary conventions and summits are quickly turning into platforms where Rotarians from different backgrounds pool their specialised knowledge and experience to create unique community service projects.

On a personal front, for Rotarians attending these meets, there are  opportunities to create lasting spiritual relationships, while getting cutting edge social and economic ideas beyond what we encounter in our routine life. At a cursory level we are inundated with media-beamed, opinionated  information, lacking in-depth meaningful knowledge in contrast to relevant information from experts we meet at Rotary conferences, gaining new insight. Rotary events expose you to cutting edge insights from experts in their work fields and offer wholesome traditional and contemporary music and dance entertainment. An experience to cherish and share with your close ones.  As you age, these memories will become sharper, filling you with nostalgia that will allow you to live and relive the good times again and again.

At the soul level, the nourishment and excitement generated at the conventions/summits expand our mental horizons, free us from limiting self-beliefs and open the inner doors of happiness, bliss and joy. They permeate into our being and increase our confidence and energy to form partnerships with Rotarians and others, as we integrate and accept diversity as a strength to move forward dynamically to achieve our Rotary service goals.

I urge every Rotarian and partner to attend Rotary presidential and literacy summits and conventions to experience the magic of our organisation and enjoy the unique fellowship they offer.

Dr Mahesh Kotbagi
RI Director, 2021–23

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