Letters to the Editor – September 2016

  Raja of Rotary

The interview of Raja Saboo and Usha is a treat for our hearts and souls. His contributions to Rotary have no match. Both of them have followed the golden principles of service; serving with humility, serving lovingly, serving silently, serving unconditionally and making Service a way of life. There is a magnetic effect in his personality. The speech of ­Ushaji at the International Assembly 2015 created a magical impact on the audience. His medical missions have helped thousands to get relief from their ailments. RI Presidents come and go but Raja still enjoys enviable love and respect.

Kuldip Dhir, IPDG – D 3070

The article The Raja of Rotary makes wonderful read. ­Congratulations. Sad to read, Rotarians are not subscribing to Rotary News. The governors of those Districts from where the subscribers are missing should make greater effort to ensure that all Rotarians subscribe to a Rotary magazine.

SL Chitale, RC Madras – D 3230

The Raja of Rotary is an incredible article about a man and a woman whom we respect and love. They are truly towering in the firmament of Rotary. All others appear pygmies. The high ethics they have followed and the new horizons they have opened up are beyond imagination. I salute both Usha ji and Raja bhaisahab. I thank Rasheeda for making them open up!

Ashok Kumar Agarwal, RC Tagore Land – D 3240

It is great to know more about The Raja of Rotary and Ushaji. I strongly agree with Ushaji on keeping Rotary simple. We do spend lot of time and money on unnecessary things which are not beneficial for Rotary or the community. Lovely article.

Parvesh Sablok, RC Paonta Sahib – D 3080

Congratulations to ­Rasheeda for the inspiring and ­captivating article on PRIP Raja Saboo. The article is written so well, very lucid, excellent ­content, and so inspiring. My deep appreciation.

Dr J Balavenkat, District GSE Chair, D – 3201

Seoul convention

In the July issue, An incredible Convention is well written and provides readers who could not participate an eye-witness account of the convention. The presence of Mr Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, added to the charm; RI President K R Ravindran’s address was motivating. Meet your Governors is very interesting, gives insight into each Governor and his talent. Cheering Single ­Mothers ­carries a strong message for our present ­generation to change our ­thinking process.

Your language is simple but convincing, appeals to readers and motivates Rotarians. I’m convinced that Rotary News is better than other Rotary regional magazines.

Om Prakash Sahgal, RC Bombay Midcity – D 3141


Your editorial Fun time at Seoul, based on real experience, your description of the opening session, logistics and management of the Convention brings it alive. Your description of Seoul is picturesque.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada – D 3262

Missionaries at Rotary News!
As I go through July 2016 issue, my view gets reinforced that the Editor and her team are missionaries. They appear to be up and around, identifying topics and contributors, collecting pictures, and packing all that into an excellent highly readable monthly magazine. The article Cheering Single ­Mothers is very topical, what with the fast increasing number of divorces and large number of single mothers. For the mass media this is not a subject which will enhance their TRP. Very rarely have I come across articles that encourage  single mothers. Team Rotary News has done well. The article starts ‘All single mothers are essentially courageous and resilient.’ Very true. Their experiences add credibility to the points made out in the article.

In the last 2-3 years there has been marked improvement in the content and its presentation in Rotary News. The magazine tells what we’d like to know not just about Rotary but also the outside world.

Prof C K Sardana, RC Bhopal Midtown – D 3040


Mistakes in Rotary Samachar

I’m afraid I have to criticise one aspect of Rotary Samachar —the Hindi translation and spelling ­mistakes. The articles seem a bland translation from English. Above all the spelling ­mistakes make me feel as if I don’t reside in India. Hope you’ll take note. Please contact me for any support.

Navendu Dwivedi, RC Kota – D 3052


The article Preserving Nepal’s Heritage by the Editor was like a whiff of fresh air. The write up was engrossing, steeped in simple but wonder awakening content, and the awesome photographs brought more richness to the article. An eye opener to those of us who fail to value antiques and give them away naming them old  fashioned and worn out. More such articles will make Rotary News interesting to all, Rotarians or otherwise.

Sujata Srinivasan, RC Cuddalore Central – D 2981

Being a teacher, joy of giving ­education to children means a lot to me.
I could feel the ­transformation in me by reading the editorial The gift of Education.

G Karthikeyan, RC Mannargudi – D 2981

Gift of Education

My compliments to Rasheeda for drafting an interesting Editorial on The gift of Education, citing the example of an Odisha village. RILM aims to achieve total literacy and ­quality education in India. PRIP Raja Saboo installed me as President of RC ­Roopnagar in 1988. There is no match for Usha Sabooji for her down-to-earth humility and simplicity. We seldom find noble souls like Saif ­Qureishi; I love his views and belief that “If you are blessed with wealth, you should give.”

Rtn. Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar – D 3080

You have rightly emphasised the importance of providing ­education to each and every child in the country. The day is not far away when we will see a totally literate India.

Through our RC Akola we are vigorously working on this and are giving the gift of education to the children from slums, low income groups and rural areas. Rotary’s efforts in this direction are improving the standard of education and creating interest in continuing education. Within a short span of a few years we will see young intelligent minds taking the country into a developed zone.

Radheshyam Modi, RC Akola – D 3030

Rotary News gets better!

It is heartening to note the improvement in the content and presentation in Rotary News. Earlier we went  through the magazine as a duty but now we do so with pleasure and look ­forward to the next issue. Most of the articles are embedded in Rotary ­philosophy and the reporting is lucid. The articles Quite a Bagful, This!, ­Literacy focus and Water ATMS in Slums are excellent in content and ­presentation. Our club has adopted Maswan Ashram Shala School in Thane, Maharashtra, spending so far about Rs 2.5 crore on construction and infrastructure. This year we have decided to adopt few more villages around the same  tribal area to improve the quality of water, build toilet blocks and  start vocational courses to focus on health and self-reliance.

Bidyut Sen, RC Bombay Airport – D 3141

Marwaris mean business — A Rotarian Marwari is always an asset to the Rotary club – trust me.

Rakesh Bhatia, RC Belur – D 3291

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