Club Matters – September 2016

RC Pondicherry — D 2981


Cancer patients in need of a smile get more than just that at the JIPMER Hospital, Puducherry.  The club’s Rotaract Club of Rivers follows a tradition of celebrating its members’ birthdays along with the cancer-afflicted children. Rotaractor Josika says, “Last October we saw our Coordinator Dr PX Antony celebrate his birthday along with a cancer patient. So we thought why not we do the same?” Apart from a surprise birthday party the Rotaractors gift toys and clothes for the child.

In the picture is Cynthia Julliet, who lost her eyes to retinoblastoma, celebrating her birthday with Rotaractors and other children in the cancer ward.


RC Thuraiyur
Golden City — D 3000


The club encouraged parents and healthcare professionals in Thuraiyur to participate in a marathon to support and encourage breast feeding. Conducted during the World Breast Feeding week (August 1-7), the marathon had a participation of around 2,000 people. “Thuraiyur being a small town, we did not expect this kind of participation,” beams Club President S Ashok Periyasamy.


RC Vuyyuru — D 3020


The club conducted an education and literacy drive in the region. As part of the programme, the Rotarians distributed notebooks, printed with the Rotary Wheel and the current year’s theme, to the students of AG&SGS Junior College.


RC Kalol — D 3051


The thought of going to school with a dingy school bag, faded uniform and torn shoes can never be encouraging for a child, says past president Amrut Prajapati. When the club decided to distribute uniforms, bags and educational kits, Kalol Primary School, situated in the slums seemed to be the best option. “The happiness on the face of the children is priceless and they now believe Rotary will keep giving them something new if they continue to come to school.”


RC Ajmer Metro — D 3052


In its bid to help children attend school regularly the club sponsored school kits for underprivileged students. Each kit included a uniform, pair of shoes, a school bag and stationery.


RC Dhule Crossroads — D 3060


When the farmers of Kundane village, ­Maharashtra, informed the club about an old check dam that could help them fight the water crisis, the Rotarians got into action. They spent Rs 4.5 lakh to clean and spruce it up and the rains came just in time to fill it up. “The delighted farmers are preparing for sowing their new crop,” said Club President Kamar Shaik.


RC Phagwara South — D 3070


The Club’s Rotary Vocational Centre is imparting training in sewing and beauty courses for the region’s women since the past eight years. Besides certificates, the club gives the trained women a sewing machine or a beautician kit to help them earn a decent living by pursuing the vocation.


RC Kanpur Shikhar — D 3110


When Club President Sunil Mangal learnt that ­“immediate first-aid treatment on a stretcher could save a patient Rs 50,000,” he along with his team donated four stretchers to LPS Institute of Cardiology, Kanpur. “If it saves a life and money it definitely is a good act of social service,” he said.


RC Pune Shivajinagar — D 3131


The club has constructed toilet blocks for men and women and a hand wash unit at Pune’s Empress Botanical Garden. The sprawling 39-acre park attracts several visitors every year and lack of public toilet was a major drawback until now.


RC Nandurbar — D 3132


Heavy rain in Pachorabari, a small village in Maharashtra, destroyed the villagers’ homes leaving them in need of even the most basic supplies. Armed with bags of blankets and food kits, Rotarians from Nandurbar made their way to the water-logged village to carry out relief efforts.


RC Akkolkot — D 3132


An outbreak of gastroenteritis killed 5 villagers in Waghdari village near Akkolkot. A team of 20 Rotarians comprising doctors, pharmacists and volunteers from the club rushed to offer medical services to the patients. About 110 patients were screened and 10 were admitted in hospital for further treatment. Medicines and ORS sachets were distributed to the villagers.


RC Borivli — D 3141


The club members and city residents participated in the Mumbai Daud organised by the club to raise ­awareness on eye donation. This annual mini marathon, co-sponsored by Tata Salt Plus, was flagged off by IPDG ­Subhash Kulkarni.


RC Thane Central —D 3142


The club distributed bicycles to school students at Jummapatti, a village in Maharashtra. The children now find it easier to commute to school in this hilly region and they will have more time and energy to learn their lessons.


RC Hanamkonda — D 3150


Around 50 physically-challenged people in and around Hanamkonda received artificial limbs at a fitment camp conducted jointly by the club and RC Warangal. The camp also arranged free accommodation and food for all the participants.


RC Chalakudy South — D 3201


The club, with assistance from DDF, donated an Ambulance, costing Rs 3.8 lakh, to Chalakudy Government Hospital. This will help provide medical services to people in the surrounding eight tribal villages.


RC Lumbini
Siddharthnagar — D 3292


The club carried out relief efforts at Bharthapur and Rupandehi after the two villages were battered by heavy rainfall. Relief kits and food were distributed among 85 village households. Mosquito nets were provided to the villagers to protect them from insect bites.

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