Giving a hand to the handicapped

Over 500 individuals with a deformity of their upper limb were fitted with LN4 prosthetic hand at a special camp organised by RC Mangalagiri, RID 3150, at Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh.

Prior to the camp, Rotarians of RIDs 3150, 3160 and 3020 — ­covering the states of Andhra Pradesh and ­Telangana — promoted it extensively in their region, and that helped people from across these states, and the border districts of Tamil Nadu and ­Karnataka to benefit from the initiative.

Technicians from Bengaluru, ­Hyderabad, Dharwad and Jaipur, and physiotherapists from Mangalagiri and Guntur helped in fixing the prosthetic arms for the individuals and trained them to use it.

“We were happy to see videos sent by some of the beneficiaries which showed them using their newly fitted LN4 hands for various activities such as driving a tractor or a two-wheeler, operating an agricultural machine and managing other domestic tasks. They are absolutely delighted with the change that this prosthetic hand has brought into their lives,” said club president Revathi Nagamalleswar. The camp, costing ₹2 crore, was inaugurated by DG Busireddy Shankar Reddy.

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