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The Spouses Session on December 10 & 11 aimed at preparing the spouses for the International Assembly and their year ahead.


A positive message by First Lady Corinna Huang, “You may not be the Commander of the ship; but you are the silent wind that sails the ship,” really gave a great start to the GETS programme. The International Innerwheel Past President Kamala Ramakrishnan’s inaugural address on “You too will lead” emphasised more on the importance of the role of the spouses, as spouse ‘leaders.’

The guest speaker Dr Shashi Shyamsunder’s ‘Panchatantra of Leadership’ was an informative and interesting speech, based on the word ‘ROTARY’ elaborating it as: R – Recognise to be recognised; O – Optimise resources; T- Teach what you practice; A – Avoid the delays; R – Respond, not react; Y – You are unique, so be yourself. Dr Madhavi Pandya’s ‘Your Journey Begins Now,’ covered all the nitty-grittys of preparing for the International Assembly — the travel, gift selection, packing smart, fitness etc.


Dr Sharmishta Desai‘s ‘Get Involved’ covered the aspects of the spouses’ involvement in Governors’ visit to clubs, conferences, assemblies and other events of the district. Dr Sangita Bansal explained the importance of communication and public speaking, under the topic ‘Reach Out.’ Dr Amita Kotbagi’s, ‘Get set Get going’ dealt with the Rotary programmes, Rotary moments etc.

On day two, the stage was set for a panel discussion on ‘A Special Year.’ It was a star-studded session with two Past Rotary first ladies — Usha Saboo, Binota Banerjee, present First Lady Corinna Huang, future First Lady Vanathy Ravindran as speakers and International Innerwheel Past President as the moderator.

The panelists gave their views on ‘Support and Share the Rotary Goal’ by providing personal support to District Governor; motivating the club first ladies; and participating and motivating participation in the district events.

Usha Saboo and Binota Banerjee at the session.

Mrs Kamala encouraged the audience to a Q & A session. The spouses were engaged in interaction with the senior leaders much beyond the time scheduled. The preparatory information on two more major events to be held at the International Assembly: Cultural Display and International Evening were also discussed, followed by a mock cultural display. The spouses were prepared for a Round Table discussion at the International Assembly by conducting them through a similar round table discussion headed by the senior leaders in each table.

Mrs. Carmen, spouse of Trustee Julio Sorjús and Dr Sangita Bansal.

You may not be the Commander of the ship; but you are the silent wind that sails the ship.
Corinna Huang

A visit to Dakshin Chitra, a unique centre for arts, crafts and architecture of South India and a shopping spree brought much cheer among the women and the shared fun and fellowship would be cherished for a long time. End of each day, after dinner, the DGEs and their spouses went through rigorous practice preparing to present a vibrant group dance medley at the International Assembly.

GETS sessions were enriching with knowledge, information and training mixed with fun all
the way.

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