Letters to the Editor – January 2015 issue

Vibrant new look

It is nice to see a new change in Rotary News. The presentation of articles and photographs is good and gives the magazine a vibrant new look. The editorial titled ‘Water in Rajasthan, bullets in Pakistan’ is excellent. I salute the water messiah PRIP Kalyanji, TRF Trustee Sushilji, Rtn Philippe and others for gifting a great project which has brought hope and smiles to many rural people of the region. The photo of the gypsy family is great and teaches us to be positive when faced with adversities.

Rtn T Susant, RC Berhampur-D 3262

I congratulate the editorial team for the excellent upgrade of Rotary News.

Rtn Krish Chitale, RC Madras-D 3230

The very first look at the ­December issue reveals a new style and spirit.  I found a relaxation in the pictures, colour-combination, etc. In ­articles such as Greening the Desert, When charity began at Home, Polio ­workers, Tapas in Spain and The Legacy of Giving I found a terse and telling poetic flow in the writing by Rasheeda  Bhagat. A similar cosmic ray is there in her signature.

Rtn Ashok Jindal, RC Nabha Greater-D 3090


I congratulate the Editor for her ­excellent work in making Rotary News valuable. The December 2014 issue was full of positive ideas and highlights. I suggest you take up topics to raise awareness against smoking and alcohol, and for compulsory helmet and seat belt in cars. Smoking and alcohol kill and accidents create widows and orphans.

Rtn Dr Sheban, RC Thuckalay-D 3212

I must congratulate you and your team for making Rotary News ­interesting. For almost a ­decade, ­Rotary News had become ­monotonous and boring. I used to just glance through the pages and then forget about it. Now, I look forward to receive my copy to know about the activities in various clubs as also information about RI ­programmes.

Rtn Gulshan Rai, RC Delhi Midwest-D 3010

The revamp of Rotary News is a good step in the right ­direction. The articles are done ­professionally, encompassing a wide range of issues. To make it more reader-friendly I suggest that action ­photos of clubs should be continued, reviews of books written by Rotarians, a dedicated column for youth which can feature the activities of Rotaract/Interact clubs, and a few pages in regional languages to benefit rural clubs.

Rtn Nicholas Francis, RC Madurai Mid Town-D 3000


I was moved by the article ‘A unique club is born.’ Being a Rotaract President 40 years back, it brought a flashback of our club ­activities. The bold step of ­including youngsters from all strata of society is a great step forward to serve humanity. Kudos to RC ­Indore Uptown for starting this club which is an eye-opener to what can be done to give back to the society.

Rtn Bharat Merchant, RC Bombay Seaface-D 3140

The article ‘Water Harvesting’ by Selvi was really an eye-opener for us. Making Barshi village in Solapur district water sufficient by building canals makes me proud as a Rotarian. Instead of depending on Goverment for water, I suggest Rotarians from Tamil Nadu should also take up such projects as there is a huge scarcity here. In Rotary News – ­December 2014, the article on Mobile Phone Safety is very ­informative.

Rtn B Pasupathi, RC Dalmiapuram-D 3000

The write up on our project, ‘A Thousand Satyarthis,’ which was a salute to a real hero and also awareness project on child rights and child education, was really good.

Rtn Allirani Balaji, RC Tiruchirapalli Shakthi-D 3000

Thank you very much for a ­wonderful experience of reading the e-version of the Rotary News. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Every ­article was interesting and ­informative. I have heard your analysis on the BBC Hindi radio station, and now look forward  to read the  interesting articles by you in Rotary News.

Rtn Dr Gaurish Padukone, RC Bhatkal-D 3170

Bullets in Pakistan

The editorial ‘Water in Rajasthan, bullets in Pakistan’ is the contrast which is well juxtaposed between philanthropy and misanthropy. It is an eye-opener that alarms all Rotarians to work amidst encircling gloom. Change of perception on the part of the visionary editor is remarkable, impressive and quite thought-provoking.

Rtn Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada-D 3262


For fifty years since I have been a Rotarian I have never seen polio workers being shot in Pakistan. As a single case of polio can contaminate the whole world, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria should be freed from polio.

Rtn Sitapati Rao, RC Machilipatnam-D 3020

Continue projects

While applauding RI and districts for pursuing projects of humanistic value and need, we have to take seriously the absence of continuity of projects. As new officials assume charge every Rotary year, most concurrent and appropriate projects are chosen at RI and district levels. Though there is a provision for pursuing the ongoing projects, dearth of funds prevent the clubs and the district to do effective work. Senior leaders should find a way out so that the projects get completed and Rotary’s name is not tarnished.

Rtn N R U K Kartha, RC Trivandrum Suburban-D 3211

The Editor’s comments on the polio workers being killed in Quetta brings to mind  RIPE K R ­Ravindran’s negotiations with the LTTE to permit our Sri Lanka Rotary team to go over to Jaffna to immunise children during the ethnic war. Rotary was ­always respected by the ­Governments and the terrorist groups as well. It is a pity that in Pakistan this isn’t ­happening.

Thanks for allotting an additional page for the ‘Letters’ ­column and publishing ‘The ­American ­Connection,’ which describes the efforts of the Golden Jubilee Club – RC Madurai West. Other interesting articles were
A Thousand Satyarthis, The Water Messiah, Mobile Phone Safety, and ofcourse Mr R K Raghavan’s Challenges and Solutions – CBI.

Rtn Nan Narayenen, RC Madurai West-D 3000

An all-inclusive issue

The December issue is wonderfully designed and covers almost all aspects of life. Editor’s words, President Speaks and First Thoughts are wonderful. I compliment the Editor and her team for bringing out such a beautiful and one of the best magazines with knowledgeable, interesting and relevant articles listing Rotary achievements as never before. She must have some stamina to cover such long distances and collect so much information and present all this in such an appealing manner.

God bless … we expect more articles such as The legacy of giving and When charity began at Home. Hats off to PRID Sudarshan Agarwal for running such a fine school for Uttarakhand’s underprivileged girls. We are lucky to be in Rotary, such a great sevice organisation. I suggest that in future issues, one column must be earmarked for ­Rotarians’ questions on important and latest Rotary topics.

Rtn Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar-D 3080

I congratulate the Editor for the excellent leadership which has taken an old service magazine to such heights. The December issue is a model issue with vital information. The magazine is now being appreciated by all ­Rotarians for its educative and inspirational value. Your own articles speak of your knowledge. A Rotarian since 1971, I have participated in most of the programmes — the water summit in Delhi under the leadership of the then dynamic RID Sushil Gupta; international literacy conference in ­Chennai; I’ve visited the Him Jyoti school; participated in the disaster ­relief work done by Rotary for those affected by the super cyclone in ­Odisha in 1999. I look forward to such high quality in the coming issues.

PDG G C Senapati, D 3262

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