Without change there is no growth Get enriched with ­inspirational thoughts reproduced from renowned new-age life guru and spiritualist, Shri. Mahatria Ra. He is also the founder of Alma Mater, an ­organisation dedicated to self-mastery and holistic personality. His spiritual foundation, Infinitheism encourages a path that inspires breakthroughs in people by thinking abundance in all spheres of human endeavour.

Mahatria Ra

Our comfort zones become our prison, a prison within which our potential stays locked up.  People within their comfort zones live like a banyan tree that is growing inside a flowerpot.

A seed is very well protected as long as it remains a seed.  There is security in remaining a seed; whereas a plant is always vulnerable.  To sprout into a plant makes the seed susceptible, but what else is the purpose of a seed than to spout?  It contains a thousand forests within, and it is in the transcendence of the seed into a plant that these possibilities unfold.  If the seed remains transfixed as the kernel, it is no better than a pebble on the beach.

Either transcend your comfort zone and reach the higher planes of life, or stay transfixed within your comfort zone and remain stagnant.  Don’t be afraid to give up certainty for uncertainty.  Don’t be afraid to move ahead.  It is astounding how the world makes way for a resolute soul and how obstacles move out of the path of a man who is determined to make it in life.

There is no risk in ‘change’.  In fact, ‘not to change’ is actually risky because it leaves you where you are.  What is growth?  Growth is giving up who you are to become what you can be.

Life is not a 100-metre dash.  It is a 110-metre hurdle race.  Challenges and hiccups are bound to be there on the path of an achiever.  Freedom comes not from escaping them, but in transcending them.  Throw yourself into the unknown.  Do what you have never done before.  Do what you thought you cannot.  Make a daring move. Take a rebellious plunge. Keep expanding your comfort zone and thus expand your life.

Your success will never rise above the boundaries of your comfort zone.  You have to break open the walls of your comfort zone. Self-belief is born when you transcend your comfort zone.  Transcend your comfort zone and turn your life around.

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