TRF Chair Message – October 2014

Simplifying your Foundation


In each of my monthly messages, I have endeavoured to highlight one individual Rotary Foundation goal for 2014–15.

This month, I wish to speak about the new grant structure and the reasons for its introduction. The Foundation Trustees identified a number of growing needs to improve efficiency, to streamline operations, and to focus efforts so as to achieve greater impact and public recognition.

Prior to Future Vision, the Foundation was processing over 4,000 grants per year, and the average humanitarian grant was US $12,500. With many of the grants smaller than this figure, the cost to administer the grants was increasing at a significant rate, and we needed more staff to process the growing number of applications.

In addition to striving for improved efficiency, the Trustees aimed for greater simplicity and a more streamlined process. The Rotary Foundation had 12 different programmes, each with its own requirements and application procedures, to support educational and humanitarian objectives. We now have only two grant types: district grants and global grants.

By simplifying the process, the Trustees hope to enable Rotarians to reach a greater number of people to do good in the world; to provide a more efficient grants-making system, awarding fewer grants and large amounts at a reduced operational cost; and to give clubs and districts more ownership over the grant process.

I urge you to ensure the progress of our new grant structure through your continued participation in our educational and humanitarian projects.




John Kenny
Foundation Trustee Chair

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