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As people of action, you dream about making the world a better place, and do the necessary work to make it a ­reality. TRF makes these transformative ­service projects possible. But remember the Foundation relies on your and your clubs’ integrity and ­stewardship to ensure effective usage of the funds for the purpose for which they were given. Stewardship means treating TRF funds as a sacred trust, conducting competent and thorough supervision of the project, reporting irregularity to TRF, implementing projects as approved, financial review of projects, timely and complete reporting and following The 4-Way Test. The faith and trust that TRF enjoys all over the world is primarily due to the sound stewardship of the donated funds.

Once the donor understands that his funds were used responsibly, he/she is much more likely to support more projects. That is the basis of the Paul Harris Society, Major Donors and AKS members. These generous Rotarians give again and again due to their trust in TRF.

I am happy to share that as of April all Rotary districts of India are compliant with grant reporting. That is commendable considering the volume of grants that India does year after year. Kudos to the district TRF teams and the grants team at the South Asia Office. Well done all!

Change in mindset is difficult but is ­happening — to make a difference by ­investing and giving to TRF. This is propelling TRF from strength to strength in our zones. As we approach the end of another Rotary year, it is time to rededicate and redouble our efforts to support all three TRF funds — the Annual, Polio and Endowment Funds.

Thank you all for your support, with which we can together create more hope and opportunity in our world.

Dr Bharat Pandya
TRF Trustee Vice Chair

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