Shivamogga hospice gets Rotary facilities

IPDG G N Prakash playing a game of carrom with an inmate at the hospice.
IPDG G N Prakash playing a game of carrom with an inmate at the hospice.

Sharanya is a hospice in ­Shivamogga (Shimoga) that houses terminally ill patients and offers palliative care for them. RC Shimoga, D 3182, recently equipped the hospice with several infrastructure facilities covering dormitory alterations, ward furniture, recreational facilities, clinical equipment, drinking water, ambulance, an electric generator and solar lights. The club implemented this project, worth Rs 2.6 million, in partnership with RC West Springfield, D 7890, Massachusetts, and TRF, under a global grant.

This is the only hospice that caters to terminally ill patients in and around Shimoga. “They may not be curable but they still need a lot of care, medication and nursing to ease their suffering and we thought that providing better facilities and comfort is one way of easing their pain,” said PDG Dr Narayan Pandeshwar, adding that the hospice has looked after over 3,000 patients since 2004 when it was begun.

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