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The speakers list is packed with inspiration. Breakout sessions are primed to provide tools for your club. And the House of Friendship booths are set to spark connections. The 2024 Rotary International Convention unfurls its pageantry this month against the backdrop of spectacular Singapore, whose beauty and cultures enrich this international business nerve centre.

Aidan O’Leary of the World Health Organisation.

Listen to Aidan O’Leary, polio eradication director at the World Health Organisation, discuss the work that is Rotary’s legacy. Big-name speakers like O’Leary are one reason Chris Offer, a member of the Rotary Club of Ladner, British Columbia, goes to conventions year after year. “There are remarkable people onstage,” he says.

Other speakers include Rotary Peace Fellow Alexandra Rose, who helps communities heal through cultural practices, and Jack Sim, who founded the World Toilet Organisation to break sanitation taboos.

Offer and his wife, Penny, also a Ladner club member, enjoy adding a vacation to convention trips, and he relishes the exciting atmosphere as well as the chance to make a “heck of a lot of new friends.”

You’ll find friends and excitement at Singapore’s GastroBeats, a food and music festival that opens exclusively for Rotary on Saturday, May 25. Browse all of the signature events on the convention webpage.

Mingle at the House of Friendship and choose from dozens of breakout sessions, including ones on how to grow membership and deepen your projects’ impact.

You’ll be Sharing Hope With the World and having fun May 25–29. Did you notice the bagpipe rock band on the schedule? Don’t miss the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

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