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Singapore and Rotary have some things in common. For one, the Southeast Asian island nation hosting the Rotary International Convention 2024 is known for bringing cultures together and celebrating business connections and innovation.


When Rotary chose the site, then RI President Ian H S Riseley said Singapore was an excellent venue as a global business and knowledge hub. “Given our international scope and commitment to cultural diversity, our conventions are often described as a ‘mini-United Nations’ where our global network of volunteers connect to address lasting solutions to local and global humanitarian challenges,” he said.

Here’s a taste of what makes tropical, sunny Singapore special: It has four official languages — English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, and Tamil, reflecting a population with heritages rooted in many countries. Singapore is committed to environmental sustainability, and its main island — smaller than Rhode Island — is, quite simply, a beauty. Nearly half is covered in green space, including lush plantings in public areas and tidy parks tucked among modern skyscrapers.

Nature and technology converge in breathtaking fashion in attractions such as several giant human-made waterfalls, including one in the main airport. Gardens by the Bay next to the convention site mixes plants and artistic fantasy, featuring steel “supertrees” and an artificial indoor mountain with piped-in clouds.

The convention is on May 25–29 at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre with general sessions at National Stadium. Join us in Sharing Hope with the World.

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