Rotary raises funds for Rescue Squad An event at the Rescue Squad's headquarters organised by South Orange Rotary offered food, beverage and every participant was urged to make at least $10 as donation to help the cause.

A Rotary event held to raise funds for an ambulance at South Orange Rescue Squad.
A Rotary fundraiser for an ambulance at South Orange Rescue Squad.

The South Orange Rescue Squad (SORS) is in need of a new ambulance rig (vehicle) and has been fundraising for its purchase over the past few months.

Recognising their need, the South Orange Rotary Club (New Jersey, US — D 7470), under the leadership of President Stacey Borden, sponsored a fundraising event in the squad’s new headquarters building, providing the food and beverage.

The Rotary Club requested that everyone attending make at least a donation of $10 to aid the squad’s efforts.

Hosting the party at the headquarters gave all who attended an opportunity to tour the building and speak with both current and retired squad members.

One retired member, Sharon (Mayers) Schwarz rode with the squad for 28 years, including a term as President.

During her tenure on the squad, she delivered three babies who could not wait to get to the hospital.

Schwarz also wears a pin on her old squad jacket signifying that she was one of the crew form South Orange who provided support and transport when the twin towers were destroyed on 9-11, along with other pins noting her significant contributions over the years.

Maureen Davenport, another former squad member, said she was part of the squad for 10 years, and that she delivered one baby during that time.

Involving children

Borden spoke about Rotary Club at the event, mentioning that one of their efforts is to keep kids alive and that’s why they provided the Drive 25 Signs seen around town.

Borden added that Rotary initiated the Little Free Libraries seen around South Orange.

Their plan now is to run a fundraiser every month for a different non-profit organisation.

Lastly, Borden shared that the Rotary Club meets for lunch every Thursday at Reservoir Restaurant and they would welcome anyone who wishes to join.

Troy Balog, current President of the SORS also welcomed everyone and added his thanks for their support.

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