Rotary gifts a new operation theatre

Yet again the magic of TRF is at work with RC Faridabad, RID 3011, through a global grant project setting up an operation theatre and Cardiac ICU for treating poor children at the Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital at Bhagola in Haryana.

The OT and ICU, installed with support from RC Fort Wayne, US, RID 6540, were inaugurated by DG Vinay Bhatia and IPDG Ravi Chaudhary in the presence of PDGs Vinod Bansal, Sudhir Mangla, Dr N Subramanian, DGE Suresh Bhasin and DGN Sanjiv Rai Mehra.

PDG Vinay Bhatia interacting with a child at the hospital.
PDG Vinay Bhatia interacting with a child at the hospital.

With the addition of OT and ICU Centre, the hospital, which earlier could treat only treat 2–3 children a day, will now reach out to more children.

Out of the total project cost of $413,068, the club has contributed $78,750, while the balance amount came from its global partner and TRF.

A unique aspect of this hospital is that there is no billing counter as the surgeries are done free of cost and attendants are given free meals and accommodation. The Hospital Chairman C Sreenivas thanked Rotary for the facilities.

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