A crematorium gets green cover

The Rotarians of RC Nilgiris, RID 3202, recently organised a greening drive at the crematorium campus in Wellington. The LPG crematorium called Sorga Bhoomi was built by the club in 2005 through generous contributions from members. The sapling plantation was part of the renovation work undertaken at a cost of ₹30 lakh, said Club President Tini Korah. The upgraded aesthetics included fencing and landscaping with bright flowering plants.

Nilgiris District Collector Innocent Divya plants a sapling in the ­crematorium campus.
Nilgiris District Collector Innocent Divya plants a sapling in the crematorium campus.

The dignitaries at the rededication programme included the Nilgiris District Collector Innocent Divya, astronaut Rakesh Sharma and defence officers from the Madras Regimental Centre. Interactors from the Laidlaw Memorial School, Ketti Valley, Mrs Bullmore’s Matriculation School and St Mary’s Girls Higher Secondary School, Coonoor, were present and their presidents too planted a sapling each. Dr T S Chhabra who has completed 50 years in Rotary and past Rotarian Chanduru Raju Bettan, who was the mentor for the whole project in the early 2000s, were some of the other delegates who participated in the event.

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