Rotary bicycles for Pune girls

Every year, as part of its literacy and community ­development initiatives, RC Pune Camp, D 3131, donates refurbished and new cycles to girl students who earlier had to walk a long way to school from their homes. Since 2013, 500 cycles have been given.

Rotarians with the schoolchildren.
Rotarians with the schoolchildren.

In August this year, the club donated ­bicycles to 30 girls ­studying in the Sadguru Narayan Maharaj Madhyamik School at Bhiwadi village of Narayanpur taluka in Pune.“The girls used to travel 5 km to school. Although there is a public transport it was erratic and the girls would be delayed ­reaching school. This resulted in a very high ­percentage of dropouts,” said Jaideep N ­Malaviya, the club’s director of ­Literacy and ­Community Projects.


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