RID 5610 delegation visits Gorakhpur

A delegation of six Rotarians from RI district 5610, USA, made a two-day visit to ­Gorakhpur in Oct 2023. Led by PDG Pat Sutliff, the team included Willis Sutliff, Gerrit Juffer, Michelle Juffer, Joe Gomley and Anne Gomley. They first participated in a multidistrict meet organised by RC ­Gorakhpur, RID 3120. Over 500 Rotarians from the home district and RIDs 3250, and 3292 (Nepal) attended the programme which was presided over by RI director Anirudha Roychowdhury.

The delegates from RID 5610 visit one of the Happy Schools transformed by RC Gorakhpur.

The next day, the team, accompanied by Mahabir Prasad Kandoi, ­president-elect of RC ­Gorakhpur, ­visited various community ­projects which included the Guru Shri ­Gorakhnath Chikitsalaya, where RC Gorakhpur has donated two medical equipment — an ultrasound system worth ₹54.75 lakh and a dura diagnostic F30 x-ray machine worth ₹40 lakh through a global grant.

At one of the primary schools in Sonbarsa on the outskirts of ­Gorakhpur, which was transformed by the home club into a Happy School, the visiting Rotarians witnessed the ­positive impact of TRF — the improved ­infrastructure, including tables, benches, whiteboards and smart classrooms. They were also shown classes being conducted using AV aids. RC Gorakhpur has transformed 16 rural primary schools into Happy Schools.

The team also visited another primary school in Daulatpur where the club has upgraded the infrastructure such as continuous water supply, overhead tanks, handwashing stations and toilets for girls. “These Happy Schools have reported a 20 per cent increase in academic performance, negligible dropouts and improved attendance. The club is addressing the demand for more desk-benches due to increased student enrolment,” said Kandoi.

Women being trained at the Singer Rotary Skill Centre run by the club.

The visit concluded at the Singer Rotary Skill Centre, a project run by the club in collaboration with the National Education Society. The ­centre, set up through a global grant support with RID 5610 as international partner and TRF in 2015, provides training in stitching and embroidery to over 55 individuals from ­low-income groups.

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