Ration kits for schoolchildren

A grocery kit being given to a parent at a school in the Malvani slums.
A grocery kit being given to a parent at a school in the Malvani slums.

The Class 11 students of the Jamnabhai Narsee School, Vile Parle, Mumbai, raised a whopping ₹57 lakh in just three weeks through the crowdfunding platform, Fueladream.com. A part of the fund was used to purchase ration kits for families whose children were studying in schools in the slums of Malvani near Malad.

“The students here come from impoverished homes. For many of the families, making ends meet and providing proper food is a big challenge,” says Khuzem Sakarwala, president, RC Mumbai Bravehearts, RID 3141. This year the club has undertaken distribution of ration kits, which include 15kg rice and wheat, toor, chana and kali dals, rajma, refined oil, sugar, poha and rava, every month for the entire year to the families residing in the slums. The initiative was supported by the Jamnabhai school students in the project’s second phase.

The kits were distributed to ­students’ parents with the help of members of RCC Malvani ­Bravehearts. “Providing them with ration kits will ensure that these children stay healthy, do not drop out of school and are attentive in class,” says Sakerwala.

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