My journey as director


I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work as a Rotary director. It’s been an honour to serve as a conductor, harmonising our members’ voices and abilities into a symphony of service to bring constructive change in the community. Visiting various districts across India and overseas, I came across different ideas in terms of several service projects, saw the dedication and devotion of Rotarians, and how Rotary functions in different corners of the world.

The hard work put at the grassroots level by clubs in zones 4, 5, 6 and 7 is commendable. We are Number 1 in membership growth and service projects, and Number 2 in TRF-giving.

During my tenure we focused on empowering girls and women. Instead of donations, our focus was on capacity-building to change lives for good. Project Operation Imagine changed the lives of thousands of women and girls. We should focus on sustainable environment, highlighting Rotary projects in the Northeast, and use of local languages for 100 per cent literacy.

I thank those who supported me, took care of me as special aides, and collaborated to make my service as director gratifying and enjoyable. My deepest thanks to my colleagues on the Board, TRF trustees and the RI and RISAO staff. I thank Rotary News editor and staff, regional leaders and RI officers, for providing us with a forum to communicate, exchange ideas and celebrate our successes. Each contact, meeting and event has provided me with the chance to experience Rotarians’ extraordinary devotion and selflessness.

I have a collection of photographs and videos, and uncountable memories from my visits to over 20 countries. My responsibility as a director is over, but my role as a Rotarian continues forever.

As I hand over the baton to my successor, I am filled with optimism for the future of Rotary. With visionary leaders at the helm, I see a vibrant organisation that will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of our world. On behalf of my family, I thank Rotary for welcoming us with open arms and making us feel a part of a wider, loving community.

As I bid adieu, let’s keep the Rotary spirit burning bright and our hearts filled with joy.

Mahesh Kotbagi
RI Director, 2021–23

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