Message from the RI Director


New year, new dreams

My Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

Sharmishtha joins me in wishing you a stupendous New Year 2017!

E-9One more year has gone by with flying colours and great achievements for each club and District. New milestones are created and old records broken. It is an exhilarating feeling.

Everyone normally thinks of new dreams.

As RI Director, let me share with you, a few of my dreams for the coming year:

  1. WinS and Literacy commitments are fulfilled by all the District Governors.
  2. Rotary becomes the ‘preferred partner’ for CSR and the Government.
  3. Strategic Plan is duly respected and acted upon in each District.
  4. Negligent number of election disputes happen so that our achievements get due recognition.
  5. India gets more Zones so that we have better representation on the RI Board.
  6. RIDE C Basker creates many milestones and makes Rotary in our region, stronger and more vibrant.
  7. Rotary achieves Global Polio Eradication.
  8. Rotary’s name enters the list of Nobel Laureates.

Are my wishes too many? Friends, if we all believe in our strengths, then it is not too many.

Just remember what Sir Winston Churchill  said:  ‘Never, Never, Never give up.’

Have a wonderful New Year!

Manoj Desai
Director, Rotary International

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