Message from the RI Director – August 2016

 Imperative Change Needed

The year 2015-16 is memorable for me because of the following achievements. (Some numbers might change as calculations for final numbers are in progress):

• Annual Giving – $15.3 million (only India’s contribution)
• New AKS Members – 8 from India and 1 from Nepal
• New Endowment Funds – 20
• Term Gifts – 40
• New Members – 5,000; New Women Rotarians – 130
• My visits to 32 of 36 Districts with focus on the Strategic Plan.
• Grand success of the Jaipur Zone Institute.
My Voice, My Vote Innovation
• Superb Presidential Conference at Kolkata on WinS and Literacy
• Many CSR Seminars and significant Partnerships.
• Classy South Asia Reception at Seoul.
• Regular newsletter -The Quest
• Excellent Projects everywhere.

Sharmishtha and I thank the Speedy Sheriffs (DGs 2015-16), all Coordinators and their efficient teams, and my dear friends, who made all this possible.

But I continue to wonder why in spite of all these achievements, we are getting a bad image. Mainly that is due to Elections. DGN Election pilot has now been removed as the cases increased in those years.

During the last 3 months, we successfully conducted 7 elections by E-voting. You will be surprised to know that there are no complaints, just like the last RID election.

My dear friends, it is high time we take our Zones out of the Permanent Electoral Cycle. We need the following two Imperative Changes:

• Accepting E-voting wholeheartedly so that the districts are free from Electoral cycles.
• District Leadership Retreat Meet (DGs – past, present and future) to discourage groupism through excellent bonhomie. Why can’t we put all our issues on the table and have free and frank discussions? All decisions with majority votes need to be accepted and implemented.

This will help good Rotarians to continue Doing Good In The World and perform Service Above Self during the Centennial Year! Let us live up to our full potential and prove that Rotary is serving humanity and changing lives.

Manoj Desai
Director, Rotary International

One comment on “Message from the RI Director – August 2016

  • Aug 07 2016 at 12:54 pm

    I agree with Desaiji for promoting e voting in the districts. It gives the club leaders an opportunity to participate in free and fair elections without any controversies. Districts will be benefited. The election procedures, powerplay and politics in rotary is badly damaging the image of rotary.


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