Membership handbook for club leaders

Rotary’s influence on the world is directly proportionate to the number of communities that are exposed to its ideal. Hence, it is imperative that we not only find new clubs but also strengthen existing ones.

The Rotary Membership Workbook 2017–18, authored by Rotary Coordinators Ashok Gupta (Zones 4 & 6A) and H Rajendra Rai (Zone 5), and edited by ARC Ajay Kala (Zone 4 & 6A), is a significant tool for membership growth for club and district leadership.


The Annual Performance Review chapter provides assessment criteria for Districts and clubs on membership aspects such as retention, growth, women membership and registration with Rotary Club Central.

The ‘Rotary Basics’ and other relevant information will acquaint new members to the Rotary world. The section on membership process — proposing, introducing and induction of new members — is a valuable tool for club presidents.

The book also expands on guidelines as to developing vision for the club, creating diverse membership, engaging existing members and communicating with clubs, Rotary fellowship and Rotary Action Groups.

Other topics include an insight into vital retention issues, membership best practices, CoL decisions on flexibility in membership, Citation and Rotary Global Rewards.

Alumni Relationship , Strategic Plan and details about the club invoice also find place in the book. Proformas of the mandatory quarterly club reports to be submitted to the DG/DMC, membership oath, club committee structure, and sitting layout in meetings will all be good reference material for club presidents.

The authors have also included contact details of the Rotary coordinators, DGs and membership chairs of all districts.

The book represents the mission of Rotary leadership to strengthen clubs for a stronger and more vibrant Rotary.

The writer is President Elect of RC Jaipur Gurukul, D 3054.

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