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Sethu Shiv Sankar
Doctor, RC Calicut East, RID 3204

Strengthen Rotaract

A Rotarian since 2005, Sethu Shiv Sankar was initially drawn into Rotary by the inspiring service projects and motivational speeches at club meetings. He believes in bridging the age gap within the clubs “by actively recruiting younger members passionate about service.”

He is concerned about the declining number of Rotaract clubs in his district. “With Rotaract clubs predominantly ­college-based and community-focused, the imposition of RI dues has led to a drop in numbers, leaving only 23 Rotaract clubs in the district.” He feels that  sponsor clubs should offer financial support.

“Clubs from rural regions are going to be game changers for Rotary in India and we must involve them in global grants. Around five clubs from rural regions in my district have participated in GGs and their work is outstanding. They want to do more and we must encourage them,” he says.

In terms of DEI, his focus is on “increasing the representation of women within Rotary.” His target for TRF contribution is set at $200,000 and he believes he will be able to reach $150,000 by the end of his term.



SP Bagaria
Mica powder manufacturing, RC Giridih, RID 3250

Global grant for Public Image

SP Bagaria joined Rotary in 1995 on the recommendation of his friend Prakash Musaddi. He recalls an incident when his niece received a wedding proposal from Port Blair. Curious about the family, he reached out to a fellow Rotarian in Port Blair for more information. It turned out that the Rotarian was the father of the prospective groom. “Now, a decade later, she is happily married with two children, thanks in part to the Rotary connection,” he smiles.

Emphasising on the significance of GGs, he says, “through a global grant, funds can be significantly multiplied, allowing a contribution of ₹10 lakh to grow into a crore of rupees or more and boost a project’s impact tenfold.”

Currently his district PDGs are discussing CSR partnerships with various companies. “But there is a lack of awareness about Rotary in our district. A GG focused on public image would help enhance our PR in the region,” he recommends.

The DEI concept is being actively promoted in the district. “Although a club in Jamshedpur has welcomed transgender members, it will take time for members to become comfortable with the concept,” he says.

His district has contributed $90,000 to TRF.

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