Literacy Focus – August 2018

RILM Chair Shekhar Mehta, Dr Aapga Singh, COO, RILM and Jhilam Roy Chowdhury, Deputy Director – Programmes, met HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar to take the T-E-A-C-H ­programme forward.

RILM Chair Shekhar Mehta (centre) with HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar (right) and Jhilam Roy Chowdhury, RILM’s Deputy Director-Programmes.
RILM Chair Shekhar Mehta (centre) with HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar (right) and Jhilam Roy Chowdhury, RILM’s Deputy Director-Programmes.

The minister was impressed with RILM’s E-Shiksha programme and he invited Mehta to the Operation Digital Board meeting being held at the Shastri ­Bhawan, ­Kolkata. A similar ­discussion was held with the ­Special Secretary – School ­Education Reena Ray who, convinced with the ­methodology of using primers for ­teaching adult non-literates, requested RILM to send her the ­tutorial video. She said that the government has encouraged District Collectors to allocate money for adult literacy programme.

E-learning facility in Punjab schools

RILM is ­partnering with the Punjab ­government to install E-learning ­facilities in 19,272 government and  government-aided schools in the State. ­Initially, this MOU will be ­implemented for a period of three years.

Schools will be given audio-visual hardware and relevant software. The State government will ­provide hardware  comprising a projector or a TV with Android ­compatibility and ­establish labs in the schools. RILM will provide the  software compatible to the ­hardware; develop ­e-­content as per the State board curricula; train ­teachers to use the facility and evaluate the implementation of the digital ­education and learning outcome of students. As of now, the  programme has been extended in 13,322 government and government-aided schools.

SBI Foundation supports E-learning

Under the Digital ­Classroom project funded by SBI ­Foundation for 310 schools, RILM, in partnership with the  TRIUMPH Foundation — a trust of Rotary Club of Thane Hills — has installed E-learning facilities in 171 schools in  Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and ­Karnataka, and progress is being done in the rest of the schools.

E-learning has been facilitated in 50 schools in Karnataka, 118 schools in Maharashtra and in Uttar Pradesh, 89 of the 142 schools identified have been provided ­digital learning facility.

Multimedia ­content in local language, mapped with State Board ­curriculum, have been installed in the ­projectors. An online portal has been designed and linked to RILM website for procuring all information related to the implementation of the project. The portal is open only for the host Rotary/Inner Wheel clubs and concerned vendors. Post installation report and monitoring report will be captured through this portal.

Rotarians of D 3090 with students after installing library in a school.
Rotarians of D 3090 with students after installing library in a school.

Rotarians Kishore Lulla, PDG R S ­Nagarjuna, DLCC Prashantha Ramachandra, PDG D S Ravi, DLCC Swati Gupta, Vijay Namdev, I S Tomar, D N Raizaday, PDG Ranjeet Singh, DLCC Anand Mukherjee, Suneel Agarwal and Lalit Mohan Gupta are few star ­sponsors from Districts 3170, 3181, 3182, 3012, 3110, 3120 and 3100.

T-E-A-C-H at Toronto

Showcasing ­T-E-A-C-H projects at the RI ­Convention’s House of Friendship was a ­significant milestone for RILM this year. The stall was buzzing with senior Rotary leadership and convention attendees. With visitors from America, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan etc. the TEACH programme reached out to those who want to take up and implement it in areas where literacy is a big challenge. The Happy School vertical had the maximum ­takers, along with Adult ­Literacy and E-learning programmes.

TEACH is all set to lay the foundation for a ­revolution in global ­education and literacy.

Padho Bharat – Library Project

Rotary Club of Mansa, D 3090, ­created 200 libraries in ­government in Punjab.

D 3120 received 13,500 ­English  storybooks and ­reference books from RILM to create ­libraries in ­government and  government-aided schools.

RILM provided 3,000 books to Inner Wheel District 314; 16 clubs have distributed 1,700 books and created ­libraries in 17 schools.

IW District 329 was ­allotted 5,000 books. 13 clubs have distributed 1,400 books to create libraries in 14 schools.

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