Letters to the Editor – September 2023


Great projects in D 3212

Responding to the suggestions of parents and heads of ­institutions, IPDG V R Muthu, RID 3212, initiated Project Punch. We, members of RC ­Tiruchirapalli (RID 3000) feel proud that he was our past president and a reputed trainer of leaders. We learnt that after her training, Deepa was able to address a large gathering with ­confidence. Other projects such as ­Yadhumanaval have ­benefitted thousands of youth, Kalam, a career-guidance ­programme, and Vigyan Ratham, a science ­project, will all mould the younger ­generation into responsible  adolescents. Kudos to IPDG Muthu.

Naresh Kumar Jalan, a ­member of RC ­Calcutta Mahanagar, RID 3291, has proved beyond doubt that “if there is a will there is a way” and “practice makes perfect”. He participated in the Tata Structura Marathon after undergoing a major heart surgery, and made a miraculous comeback. Thanks to PRIP ­Shekhar Mehta for highlighting his feat.

V R T Dorairaja, RC Tiruchirapalli — D 3000

A new beginning

The editor’s note, “A toast to new beginnings” (July issue) has welcomed the new Rotary year with a splendid write-up. As they say, morning shows the day. Rotarians began the Rotary new year with effective action to “­Create hope in the world.” RI ­President McInally has given this theme to encourage us to serve the ­community. All the articles are ­informative and ­interesting including We don’t want to build a park, but an entire forest. The ­project articles inspired me.

Congrats to the editor for publishing ­wonderful articles and bringing out a beautiful magazine month after month.

N S S Harigopal, RC Berhampur — D 3262

The editor’s note, A toast to new ­beginnings, was excellent and her article, We don’t want to build a park, but an entire forest, was superb. Jaishree’s article Eco-friendly stoves for a Maharashtrian village was nice.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — D 3201

Focus on mental health issues

RI President McInally’s July message is ­motivating as he focused on ­mental health ­projects to ­protect the ­well-being of ­Rotarians and the public. ­Building peace, creating a sense of ­belonging from club meetings to service activities, empowerment of women and girls are the other thrust areas of McInally. He rightly believes that by taking up diverse projects, Rotary will create hope in the world.

Rotary clubs must carry out different kinds of service projects. A new Rotary year has just begun and for the club leaders, there are as many new things to be done and when they take up this work, they will inspire all their club members. As pointed out by editor Rasheeda Bhagat in her note, let our new club leaders make the full use of every moment of their leadership and bring glory to Rotary.

R Srinivasan, RC Bangalore J P Nagar — D 3191

Change champions

RIPE Stephanie Urchick’s ­statement that “Rotarians are change champions” ­highlights the fact that we are dedicated to creating a better world. By ­working together, Rotarians can amplify their impact and achieve meaningful results. Rotary offers a ­platform for Rotarians to collaborate and leverage their collective efforts for maximum impact.

Through their ­participation in Rotary clubs, we work together to address various social issues, such as poverty, hunger, disease, ­literacy and environmental ­sustainability. ­Rotarians utilise their skills, expertise and resources to initiate projects and programmes that have a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

Anil Jain, RC Ahmedgarh — D 3090

Interesting reading

Thank you for sharing the quarterly issue of Rotaract News. I found the July issue of the ­e-magazine interesting and note that Rotaractors are emulating Rotarians.

Anil Latey, RC Poona Downtown — D 3131

Excellent articles; joyful reading


Having been in Rotary for 35 years, I have to say that since you have taken over as editor, the pleasure of reading Rotary News has doubled. There has been an unexpected improvement in the quality of the magazine.

I am from a Hindi-speaking region and I enjoy reading Rotary Samachar more. Earlier the selection of some words in Hindi was not good but these days there has been a lot of improvement in the Hindi version. Congratulations to you and your team. The magazine has good coverage of Rotary as well as inspirational, human interest articles. We get motivated and learn a lot reading the good service work done by other clubs thanks to your coverage.

Dr Sushil Vishal Poddar, RC Patna City Samrat — D 3250

I was happy to see the innocent face of a village girl during the opening of a library in her school as the cover photo of the August issue. RI President Gordon McInally turns the spotlight on mental health. It is great news that seven women were sworn in as district governors in our zones.In her message, the editor has nicely explained the reasons for the recent flood in parts of India and ways to overcome such devastating perils in the future.

TRF trustee chair Barry Rassin describes well the importance of TRF and endowments. It was great to read that a Bengaluru club had renovated 214 anganwadis at a cost of ₹4 crore. Other articles like A memorable day in Evanston, Rotary sets up a library in a tribal school, Giving hope through ­Jaipur limbs, Winning a mini marathon, A ­bamboo bus stop in Thane, Engage with youth and Gifting joy of reading are all worth reading.

The write-up about playback singer P Susheela, the nightingale of the south, by S R Madhu is excellent. Club Hop ­photos are colourful. On the whole, the August edition is superb.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

Allow me to congratulate the editorial team for the excellent articles in the August issue. The journal is full of fantastic, informative articles and the ­advertisement about the opportunity available for higher and professional education in different fields is also interesting to read. More such information in future issues will help young ­students. Thank you for the ­excellent teamwork. Hiten Popat, RC Calcutta Spectrum — D 3291

I am really happy with the diverse coverage you give in the magazine. I am one of those Rotarians who waits for your monthly edition to view/know the different aspects of Rotary which you cover and the signature projects of our clubs. Kudos to you and your team. But last month I missed the details about membership.

Dr Ravikiran, RC Kharghar Midtown — D 3131

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