Letters to the Editor – September 2021

Let’s promote diversity and women’s empowerment

President Mehta’s mantra to empower girls through club projects across India like scholarships, giving bicycles, toilets in schools; his vision to increase membership from 1.2 to 1.3 million, are noteworthy. Of the six new members inducted in our club, three are women and they are fully involved in club activities.

Col Vijayakumar (Retd) RC Alleppey Greater — D 3211

The August editorial on DEI inspires Rotarians to follow RI’s new mantra, on girls’ empowerment. President Mehta makes membership growth a priority; RID A S Venkatesh stresses on transforming new members into fine Rotarians; RID Mahesh Kotbagi stresses on environment-friendly initiatives like tree-planting, and PRIP Saboo salutes our doctors — all worthy messages.

K M K Murthy, RC Secunderabad — D 3150

I am happy President Mehta will recognise Rotarians who bring new members. His message An engaged Rotarian is an asset forever is timely. The Editor’s note on a more equitable world through women’s empowerment is inspiring.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

A ‘Chak de’ moment

Chak de India, say Odisha girls was heartwarming and inspirational. The timing was perfect as our country has made great progress in Tokyo Olympics. Odisha has taken a lead in reviving the fortunes of Indian hockey, and the women’s hockey team success story is equal to winning a medal. Rotary should make it a point to empower sportswomen.

An inspiring RI President

The cover story Dream weaver ignited my mind. The life of President Mehta is a spectacle of true, selfless service.

Dr Jayasekharan V P, RC Payyanur — D 3204

I salute President Mehta for his message on the environment, as ecological projects are badly needed. As a professor, I will educate my students on environmentalism and saving our planet.

Dr A R Johnson Durai, RC Cuddalore — D 2981

President Mehta has given a clear message about our responsibilities. We have to update our projects on virtual platforms. I wish him a fulfilling year ahead.

Indra Goenka, RC Belur — D 3291

Let the better light shine by Preeti Mehra offers a practical approach with effective solution to save energy by switching over to energy-efficient LED and CFL light, to save 6 per cent in our electricity bill.

Aswini Kar, RC Bhubaneswar Meadows — D 3262

Merit counts in Rotary News

Thanks for publishing our work in Rotary News. Your positive and quick action encourages Rotarians to share their work through our magazine. It is rightly said in Rotary circles that merit is the only criteria for getting published in Rotary News. Thank you. I will try to do even better and come back again.

Manik Raj Singla, RC Patiala Midtown — D 3090

K L Saigal, a genius

I was overwhelmed by the article on K L Saigal. I’d like to add that ­Jagmohan, the great singer, says in his autobiography that while learning music under Shambhu Maharaj (uncle of Birju Maharaj), “actually a dancer but also a great ustaad of thumri and tappa gayaki,” he once met a “tall man” (Saigal) learning a new thumri ‘Babul mora.’” ­Jagmohan too wanted to learn it, but Guruji said it would take 4 months. But Saigal, the genius, mastered it in just a few days.

Satish Vyas, RC Bhavnagar — D 3060

Thanks for sending three issues of Rotary News (May, June and July). All the pictures are eye candies as they capture the essence of Rotary. The articles are compelling you to read them.

Sanjay Pahuja, RC Yamuna Nagar — D 3080

Delightful tribute to Dilip Kumar


I was delighted to view the cover photo of Dilip Kumar in the August issue. His memory will be cherished by movie buffs. Both the obit pieces on the veteran actor are excellent. RI President’s message dwells on the need to keep Rotarians constantly engaged. The Editor’s note on the importance of women’s empowerment and RI Directors’ messages on environment, membership retention and inducting more women into Rotary are all good.

Glad to read the noble work of two Delhi clubs in constructing a check dam in Rajasthan to benefit 700 households. Saluting our doctors by PRIP Rajendra Saboo and the services rendered by RC Tirupur are noteworthy. All other articles including the one on ­Africa’s climate crisis and a wedding reception creating a rural eye hospital in Odisha, and Club Hop photos are good. Congrats for a good job.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

I fail to understand why ­Rotary News has given enormous coverage to Dilip Kumar. Are we running short of Rotary projects for coverage? Or Rotarians who have transformed communities with their dedicated work? Even Rotaractors are doing amazing work, which can be featured.

Sandeep Goel, RC Karnal Midtown — D 3080

Dilip Kumar was a complete actor and there is no one to match him. He really had style, substance and more; he was stunningly handsome and a versatile actor, very serious and choosy when it came to accepting film roles. He was adored by all, especially Bollywood actresses like Vyjayanthimala, Madhubala, Noor Jehan etc. Noor Jehan, his heroine in Jugnu, once went to the extent of shoving others aside to hug Dilip.

President Mehta’s vision to empower girls and the DEI mantra on which past president Holger Knaack had laid emphasis are really ­important. My compliment to PRIP Saboo, who headed and encouraged medical ­missions to Africa and India to help the poor and needy. He is an epitome of dedication, and humility and his article Saluting our doctors is interesting.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — D 3080

I simply loved the obit feature Style, Substance and more on the legendary actor Dilip ­Kumar written by Editor Rasheeda Bhagat.

Kriti Makhija, RC Delhi South — D 3012

An insight into the life of Dilip ­Kumar in the cover story is wonderful. This edition is enough for the coming generation to know about the veteran actor. Powered by the Sun by Preeti Mehra is well-written with primary information to set up a solar photovoltaic system at home.

Mohan P Shaji, RC Cherthala Green City — D 3211

An excellent issue, right from serious, thought-­provoking articles to delightful pages recalling the great thespian Dilip Kumar with lovely pictures. These are the highlights of the August issue. The ­editorial on DEI is timely and inclusion of women in sport must be taken up as a mission in Rotary ­programmes.

Abhay Kishore Sandwar, RC Dhanbad Midtown — D 3250

Compliments on yet another wonderful issue; I loved the fact that you dared, so deservingly, to put the great Dilip Kumar, a non-Rotary person, on the cover! This is what ­‘regional’ really means in a ­Rotary regional ­magazine! Your small but very meaningful personal touches to the magazine add value, like the apt title ‘President Speaks’ instead of President’s Message. RN’s continuing emphasis on range and depth of coverage of Rotary events and projects, along with non-Rotary subjects, such as books, is appreciated.Thanks for the Q&A with TRF Trustee Chair John Germ, which will clarify Rotarians’ doubts.

Atul Bhide, RC Thane Hills — D 3142

I read your article on the great actor Dilip Kumar. The nostalgia, memories and events are really well-written. Thanks for such an excellent article.

Uday Subhedar, RC Pune Metro — D 3131

With due respect to Dilip ­Kumar, does Rotary News need film ­heroes on the cover? Please include real heroes — we have many in ­Rotary — and not reel heroes, as we are not a film ­magazine. Editor, it’s all in your hands.

Sham Phadnis, RC Kharghar Midtown — D 3131

Thanks for writing such a great article on Dilip Kumar. It was extremely well-written and did justice to the veteran actor.

P N Mohan, RC Madras — D 3232


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