Letters to the Editor – May 2022

I congratulate Team Rotary News for publishing another brilliant issue, full of information with balanced coverage of diverse subjects. My request is to add more pages to the Club Hop column.

Chinmaya Mahapatra, RC Rajdhani Bhubaneswar — D 3262

The children were thrilled to read the article Annets on a water conservation drive. Thank you for featuring this project as it will encourage them to do more.

Senith Mathews, RC Madras Midcity — D 3232

Importance of Rotary bylaws

RI President Mehta’s message on empowering girls gives clubs a signal to innovate new projects. Editor’s note on Lata ­Mangeshkar was superb. Pakistan crossing a year without a single wild polio case is good news to all Rotations involved in polio eradication efforts. The artificial limb fitment camp by RC Mumbai in association with the Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust and RC ­Dharamshala is great work. Kudos to RC Madras for donating medical equipment to a ­government ­hospital in Chennai. It is good that RC Nagpur Metro has started free medical consultation for senior citizens. Gifting a Paul Harris bust to Rotary clubs with their own building is an excellent way to respect Rotary’s founder. Congrats to PDG Bagh Singh Pannu, RID 3090, and the project coordinator Narinder Barwal from RC Hubli. Rotary clubs in Kerala want to install Paul Harris busts in their own buildings; this news will help them.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — D 3201

RID Kotbagi has rightly pointed out that Rotary bylaws and policies are not used adequately. Rotarians have to be educated about these. I wonder how effective is the training of new members. RI must ensure that all members, especially club leaders, become well-versed in its bylaws, to ensure faster growth. After all, these policies are being formulated by many seasoned Rotarians burning midnight oil.

V V Narayanan, RC Chennai KK Nagar — D 3232

I found the April issue very interesting, especially the books columns on ­Bangladesh’s liberation and the writings of Afghan women. Both made for excellent reading, for which I congratulate you. If the government of India could be outsourced to organisations like Rotary, it would make for a better India and world! Despite paying such high taxes we get nothing in return but pollution and frustration.

Mudit Jain, RC Bombay — D 3141

Great coverage on Ukraine attacks


As an inquisitive Rotarian, a ­voracious reader, and a part-time accredited scribe, I was attracted to your bold and precise writing in the Editor’s note — Ukraine’s pain… and media bias. As I’ve visited Ukraine in 2014 and 2019 and my son is settled there, I can gauge the pain and suffering of the ­people. You have nicely narrated the tale of World War II, its impact on world peace, and about the wars in Syria, Yemen and ­Afghanistan. Your concluding remarks are worth re-reading and commendable — A human life is a human life. That’s ­non-negotiable.

Abhay Kishore Sandwar, RC Dhanbad Midtown — D 3250

The April issue is yet another ­example of the wonderful humanitarian deeds by Rotarians across the country. Hats off to the ­Editorial team for bringing out ­exemplary issues. RI President’s message has focused on protecting nature, the ­Editor has nicely highlighted the media bias and carnage in Ukraine, and Rotary’s efforts to bring peace in this world.

The article on Pune Rotarians gifting a home for homeless ­children brings joy and pride in all of us. The devastation in Ukraine will make even a strong mind weep. PRID Kamal Sanghvi helped to rescue the children of many Rotarians from the war-torn land. Honouring 500 Rotarians completing 25 years in Rotary is a wonderful gesture. Setting up 100 dialysis units in Chennai hospitals will ­really ignite Rotary’s brand.

Rotary News has become a friend and guide to all those ­willing to do more and serve more. Special appreciation to the editorial team for constantly improving the magazine’s quality.

Dr Jayasekharan V P, RC Payyanur — D 3204

It’s good that TRF has made provisions to assist victims of ­Ukrainian war. Really sad to read the pathetic condition of ­Ukrainian citizens as described by the Editor and pray for peace in that country. The assistance rendered by Rotary clubs to Ukraine is really commendable.

The cover photo of ­Renutai and the children is beautiful. ­Happy to note that Pune ­Rotarians have ­gifted a home for homeless children. The picture of a peacock sitting on a leafless tree is marvellous. RI President Mehta has stressed on the importance of protecting the Earth; the ­Editor’s note explains ­graphically the ­devastating perils of war and the bias in media reporting. RID Mahesh ­Kotbagi explains the importance of following rules in ­Rotary. RID A S Venkatesh ­focuses on cordial relationship among ­Rotarians to retain membership. Other ­notable articles are Rotary brings to life a lost ­river; 500 Rotarians honoured for completing 25 years in ­Rotary; 100 ­dialysis units installed in Chennai hospitals; Bharuch ­Rotarians rescue kite-hit birds; and Rotary gives e-bikes for ­Bengaluru PHC workers.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum — D 3211

I look forward to every issue of ­Rotary News as it brings me all the vibrancy and action of ­Rotary clubs across the country. RI ­Director ­Mahesh Kotbagi, TRF Trustee Chair John Germ and Trustee ­Gulam Vahanvaty’s messages were inspirational. The pictures of devastated Ukraine and the article pained me a lot. The work done by Rotary for Ukraine and PRID ­Kamal Sanghvi’s help in rescuing students from Ukraine are commendable. The cover ­story of a home for homeless children and report on 500 ­Rotarians ­being honoured in Pune were good. I was happy to see my club, RC Deonar doing great work in MHM under Project RED.

The cover page in the March issue showcasing Rotary’s polio work in Pakistan is timely. The rich tribute to Lata Mangeshkar is heartwarming.

RCCs have always connected with me and my club has done incredible work over the last 25 years in this area. Reading about RCC Vidyaranyapura was ­awesome.

Vivek Khandelwal, RC Deonar — D 3141


The colourful feature on Lata Mangeshkar is well appreciated. I feel the content often gets limited to ­stalwarts from Chennai or South India, and many other events and facets get missed. Her photo on the cover page would have been most appropriate, as apart from her illustrious career, she was the recipient of Bharat Ratna. This would have been an honour to Rotary.

The cover pertaining to polio vaccination in ­Pakistan was in no way more important than Lata didi, but I can understand the Editor’s personal choice of Nishan-e-Pakistan over Bharat Ratna for the cover page. Again appreciate due space to Lata Mangeshkar in magazine.

Shirish Mandsorwale, RC Pune Kothrud — D 3131

For a Rotarian to cast a communal slur is most unbecoming, as Rotary’s credo is to rise above religion, class or community. It is another matter that as editor, my editorial decision is final, not requiring me to engage with you on how gravely important it is for Rotary to rid the world of polio. By the way, Dilip Kumar got Nishan-e-Imtiaz. Incidentally, Morarji Desai, the first non-Congress Prime Minister of India, was also awarded in 1990 Pakistan’s highest civilian honour, the Nishan-e-Pakistan, as it was called then. He was conferred the Bharat Ratna only in 1991!

— Editor.

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