Letters to the Editor – June 2019


Rich content

The May issue looks very attractive with the cover photo of RIPE Mark Maloney and Gay. Maloney’s interview by the Editor is worth reading, containing many valuable ideas which can take Rotary to greater heights. The Editorial ‘Let’s celebrate our gigantic democratic exercise’ is informative and thought-provoking.

President Barry Rassin’s message Inspiring the youth is apt, and RID C Basker’s story about Deepak and Raju is interesting and depicts the difficulties faced by the poor in our society.

It is sad to read about the resignation of Sushil Gupta as RIPN due to health reasons. I wish him good health. A journey from a “happy Rotarian” to a serious man about RID Basker is fascinating and the service rendered by him praiseworthy. PRIP K R Ravindran says that RI spends $11 million on DGs’ allowance; this is news to us.

Mindful eating by Sheela Nambiar is useful in adjusting our daily eating pattern. Of Turkish kebabs in Istanbul with colourful photos and Celebrating 31 years of Women in Rotary are all very interesting. Kudos to the Editorial team for this attractive magazine.

M T Philip, RC Trivandrum Suburban — RID 3211

I am a regular reader of Rotary News and its standard has improved substantially. The cover photo of RIPE Maloney and Gay and the house of Paul Harris in Chicago visited by D Ravishankar and Paola are great. The interview of Maloney by Rasheeda and Jaishree’s report Celebrating 31 years of Women in Rotary were great. Kudos to the RNT team for their hard work.

There were several inspiring articles in the April issue too, including the Editor’s Note on Celebrating women, Mother and Child Care by RI President Barry Rassin, Let us not make Rotary a touch-and-go organisation, Building peace in troubled times and Maloney launches projects totalling $6 million in Kolkata.

Congrats to RC Bilaspur Queens for empowering the destitute women in Chhattisgarh.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — RID 3201

Your article on RID Basker’s journey from a happy Rotarian to a serious man is really nice. He is a great leader; polite but firm in dealing with critical issues. Also, the report on PRIP K R Ravindran’s speech at Disha is an eye-opener.

Sampathkumar, RC Coimbatore Elite — D 3201

I enjoyed the May issue; A journey from a “happy Rotarian” to a serious man on RID Basker is a true reflection of a dedicated Rotarian.

PRIP K R Ravindran has sounded an alarm bell on RI spending so much on DGs’ allowances.

Nan Narayenen, RC Madurai West — RID 3000

A good piece from RID’s desk

We join with RID C Basker to salute Jyoti and Neha, who dressed as boys to work in a barber shop in UP, fighting social taboos against employment of girls.

Rotarians are shocked to know that Sushil Gupta has resigned as RIPN for 2020–21 on health grounds. We pray he gets back to good health. I am happy to note the great work done by a team of 19 doctors from RIDs 3080 and 3070 in Madagascar, who treated 3,500 patients. Indian Rotarians can take pride that RC Ahmedabad way back in the 1950s had proposed the admission of women into Rotary, the first club in the world to do so.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul, Fort — RID 3000

As usual the April issue is filled with rich content and noteworthy articles detailing various Rotary projects. I am happy to read the anganwadi project in Karnataka being undertaken by RID 3181 and salute DG P Rohinath, his district clubs and presidents who have brought a smile on the faces of underprivileged children. The accompanying pictures of kids add value to the story.

The article Difference between RI and TRF is informative and a ready reckoner for newly-inducted members. It is heartening to note that RID 3181 has set up a flood relief fund to build houses for Kerala flood victims. RIPE Mark Maloney’s visit to Rotary projects in Amravati including the human milk bank and plastic surgery camp were explained vividly. Such articles will inspire Rotarians. The Tamil edition of Rotary News enables the entire family to enjoy the magazine in their mother tongue.

Dr N Inbamani, RC Virudhunagar — RID 3212

In the April issue the multiple projects of RID 3181 under the leadership of DG P Rohinath are praiseworthy. In the article Rotary makeover for Kovalam village, a villager V Lalitha says that Rotary has changed their lives by installing toilets and requests piped water supply. Their expectations from Rotary enhance our credibility and will build public image.

Naveen R Garg, RC Sunam — RID 3090

Congrats to DG P Rohinath and Rotarians of RC Mysore Midtown for their excellent anganwadis projects. The article on RIPE Mark Maloney launching projects worth ₹40 crore, executed by RC Kolkata Mahanagar, is interesting. I thank the Editorial team for a magazine packed with information on Rotary activities.

Dr P Sangeethkumar, RC Salem Grand — RID 2982

Your editorial (April) focuses on the strength and positive attitude of some women leaders. But more challenging days are in the offing, and women will have to fight to get equal opportunities in Rotary.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — RID 3262

Great projects by RC Calcutta Mahanagar

Thank you for the article Thane’s Sanitation Crusader on the project Right to Go, executed by RC Thane Hills. Thank you, Jaishree. Editor Rasheeda never stops surprising us with her well-researched articles on inspiring Rotary projects; the gigantic projects by RC Calcutta Mahanagar that would benefit 150,000 people are awe-inspiring. Due credit must also go to TRF for supporting such worthy causes through six global grants worth ₹40 crore. Through Rotary News, I appeal to PRID Mehta and RC Calcutta Mahanagar to share details of how they identified the beneficiaries. It will be worthwhile to do similar work in Maharashtra.

Atul Bhide, RC Thane Hills — RID 3142

I read Rotary News in detail as it has different types of news related to Rotary projects. The April issue has RIPE Mark Maloney launching mega projects in Kolkata; the Difference between RI and TRF clears the confusion with a lucid write-up. Reconstructing anganwadis is a great initiative. WinS launched in 20 Bengal schools in Howrah, is a powerful project under RID 3291. Mother and Child Care by RI President Barry Rassin and Maternal and Neonatal Healthcare by RI Director C Basker have further enriched our thoughts.

Soumitra Chakraborty, RC Tollygunge — RID 3291

I thank the Rotary News Editorial team for connecting us with the latest Rotary updates throughout the world. I am happy about the beautiful coverage of our club, which will motivate us to do more. A big thanks from my heart.

Naveesh Chhabra, RC Faridkot — RID 3090

Do highlight Rotary’s weaknesses too


It is always a pleasure to go through Rotary News. You not only cover the activities of the clubs but also the views of Rotarians. But the articles focus only on positive aspects of Rotary. Though an excellent organisation, Rotary has weaknesses that need highlighting. Over 20 years I have seen some good changes but also those that celebrate money rather than work. A big fat cheque rather than grassroots work gets appreciation. Work on the ground needs to be celebrated.

Rather than metros, Rotarians from small towns do small but effective projects without any desire for photo ops. These days some members indulge in sycophancy to win favours from their DGs which goes against the Rotary culture of ‘one amongst equals’.

The election system is confusing too; sometimes there is a nominating committee, sometimes canvassing is allowed by candidates. At one district event, I saw candidates being given a few minutes to project their vision. Now I am told canvassing for votes is not allowed. How then does a Rotarian know about the capabilities of those in the electoral fray.

Y K Kapoor, RC Panchshila Park — RID 3011

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