Letters to the Editor – July 2023

Awestruck by Egypt’s beauty

Your vivid description of Egypt, the oasis in the desert, which nurtured and nourished civilisation for thousands of years is very interesting to read. I felt as though I was in my astral form visiting The Land of The Pharaohs.

It is news for us that Queen ­Cleopatra, whom we all idolised after seeing the film of the 1960s, is mostly a matinee idol. And that Nefertari, the favourite queen of Pharaoh Ramesses 2, and Nefertiti, stepmother of ­Pharaoh Tutankhamun, were much more prominent in Egypt.

We are wonder struck by the ­Temple of Abu Simbel built during the reign of Ramesses 2, and ­appreciate the skill of modern engineers for ­relocating this magnificent temple in a safer site when the Aswan Dam was built.

Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, the Valley of the Kings, and the Valley of the Gates of Kings (tombs decorated with frescoes and filled with treasures for after life) have to be seen to be believed. Your balloon ride reveals a bird’s-eye view of the Nile (Blue Nile and White Nile), the verdant lifeline of Egypt.

V R T Dorairaja, RC Tiruchirappalli — D 3000

A thought-provoking editorial

Kudos to editor Rasheeda Bhagat for her frank views in the Editor’s Note with the headline ‘Be different… stand up, speak out’.

She has boldly touched upon the need for people to have the courage to speak out when the situation warrants. If done, this will definitely make a difference in the long run. Her capacity to put her thoughts in a few lines is remarkable. Her expressions are gentle and persuasive for readers not to ignore. Some Rotarians may think of the relevance of her thoughts in the editorial column of a Rotary magazine. But, according to me, it is very much relevant to all Rotarians, as we identify ourselves as leaders of our respective professions.

To face challenges in our professional life, we should be capable of being strong and self-reliant. Then only, we can awaken social consciousness. Really, a thought-provoking ­editorial with a striking message for us all.

R Srinivasan, RC Bangalore J P Nagar — D 3190

The Editor’s note with the headline ‘Be different… stand up, speak out’ caught my attention. It takes ­courage to write such a bold editorial and you need to be applauded.

Also, through this write-up, you made us aware of one-of-its-kind, Club for the Cancelled, thanks to Pamela Paresky, the mother hen of the cancelled. Thought criminals are welcome as they make a difference. Let’s take a cue and have such out-of-the-box clubs in every district.

Yashica Jain, RC Chandigarh Uptown — D 3080

Congratulations to S R Madhu for the excellent article Naushad: The Kohinoor of Bollywood music. Also, the write up has nice pictures, especially a rare picture of Bimal Roy, Meena Kumari and Naushad at the first Filmfare awards.

Brij Gopal Roy, RC Calcutta — D 3291

As outgoing president of my club, I would like to convey my appreciation for Rotary News. This publication is an invaluable resource in keeping us informed about the diverse activities of the Rotary community.

Under your leadership, the editorial team is diligently recording the significant projects and activities of Rotary clubs, presenting them in an engaging manner. As my term as club president draws to a close, our special thanks to your team for regularly featuring our club activites.

Col Vijayakumar, RC Alleppey Greater — D 3211

With reference to the article International Polio award for PDG Sagadhevan, the latter is an excellent example for a Rotarian. A man with noble and great thoughts, he treats everyone alike with a positive attitude.

Rajasekar Sivasamy, RC Karur Texcity — D 3000

The article A marathon fundraiser for Rotary cancer care hospital will inspire other clubs to take up ­similar initiatives.

Vivek D Kanada, RC Aurangabad Elite — D 3132

Good luck to RI Prez McInally


I was delighted to see the beautiful picture of RIPE Gordon Mcinally and Heather taken at the Lakshya meet in Kolkata. It was great to see beautiful pictures of the couple with their family. I wish the new RI President a fruitful year ahead. It is inspiring to note that the outgoing president Jennifer Jones has committed additional $150 million to the polio eradication initiatives. Her farewell message and the photos are excellent. The Editor’s note explains the importance of airing our opinion boldly where required.

RID Mahesh Kotbagi’s farewell message depicts clearly his satisfaction in carrying out his duties well and the support he got from his colleagues. While RID A S Venkatesh stresses the importance of taking up large projects, focus on membership growth and making members aware of the good work done by TRF. Trustee chair Ian Riseley urges Rotarians to give to TRF generously.

Other articles like Don’t shy away from big dreams, Show empathy to others, McInally meets Rajashree Birla in Mumbai, A Rotary club for doctors, Only love can instil hope in the world, Unveiling transgender livelihoods, A day out for senior citizens in Nagpur and Egypt blessed by Nile are all read-worthy and filled with facts. The feature on R D Burman is interesting and the health column urging us to take care of our teeth is useful. Club Hop looks good and descriptive. Another superb edition.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

The June issue brings down the curtain on one RI team and raises it on the next one. (For ­McInally, Rotary is about continuity…. and heart).

For Rotary News too, it is all about continuity and heart. We enjoy reading the magazine with regular columns like Music and Melody (S R Madhu), Wordsworld (Sandhya Rao), Health (Bharat and Shalan Savur), and LBW (TCA Srinivasa Raghavan). Keep bringing cheer and positivity.

Sanjay Bhatia, RC Chandigarh Midtown — D 3080

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