Letters to the Editor – October 2023

Showcasing the Rotary spirit

The late Binota Banerjee’s dream of creating a museum to display artefacts, books, sculptures, etc of Rotary in their house in Vapi was made real by PRIP Kalyan Banerjee. We request PRIP Banerjee to set up a gallery in ­literacy. In 1993–94, I met this soft-spoken gentleman from RC Vapi when I was the Awards Committee chairman of RID 3000. He gave away the awards and addressed the audience, and became RI president later.

V R T Dorairaja, RC Tiruchirapalli — D 3000

The efforts of the Bengaluru club to renovate 214 anganwadis at a cost of ₹4 crore is a shining example of Rotary’s work and shows their commitment and the impact a group of dedicated individuals can make in their community. The provision of clean and hygienic environment, complete with toilets, is commendable.

Ajay Jain, RC Ahmedgarh — D 3090

In the August issue, PRIP Banerjee urged Rotarians to engage with the youth, and RID A S Venkatesh said that “Silence and Smile” are required for a successful term as governor. This advice is also applicable to club presidents who face many challenges.

Muniyappa D P, RC KGF Prime — D 3191

It is unusual to see Rotary News full of mega service projects, as in the August issue, where 80 per cent of the pages were devoted to service projects. Usually, 50 per cent pages carry mega events of RI or Rotary in India. “The MLA who advised Rotarians to keep politicians out” in the anganwadi article is right.

Gopalakrishnan Natarajan, DRFC — D 3212

I am an avid reader of Rotary News, as it covers in detail projects of different nature/causes to support our communities. The RI president’s message on mental health is meaningful. Kudos to RC Bangalore Indiranagar for renovating over 200 anganwadis. Also Winning a mini marathon by PRIP Shekhar Mehta and Detoxifying the brain were quite motivating.

Jacob Mathew Kavalam, RC Erumely — D 3211

PRIP Banerjee’s call to engage with youth to secure their future is not just an abstract idea but a tangible mission. Through its community projects, Rotary is shaping the future by empowering young leaders. His insight provides a valuable framework for the clubs to excel.

Dr Ravi Sharma, RC Ahmedgarh — D 3090

A thought-provoking edit

Editor Rasheeda’s note (August) conveys the pleasant news of seven women governors taking office this year in our zones. Women in the US had to fight a hard battle to get into Rotary; only in 1986 the RI Board allowed women’s entry and since then many clubs have taken a keen interest to have women members. My best wishes to the seven women governors.

R Srinivasan, RC Bangalore JP Nagar — D 3191

Your articulation of the cyclical relationship between rivers and their territories in the editorial, Reclaiming its space, strikes a chord, as it reflects the intricate balance between nature’s resilience and mankind’s greed. Your comments on the recent flooding of the Yamuna River underscore the importance of Rotary’s seventh area of focus — environment.

Your reference to Simone de Beauvoir’s perspective on women as the ‘second sex’ resonates deeply, highlighting the prevailing societal imbalances that continue to challenge our progress. I believe, rather than classifying individuals as the ‘first’ or ‘second’ sex, let’s foster unity by ensuring gender equality.

Sunil Kumar Arora, RC Shillong — D 3240

I am an ardent reader of Rotary News and wait for the day it reaches my hands. The August cover page has a lovely picture, and the editor in her note rightly says, “A river never forgets. Even after decades and centuries pass, the river comes back to recapture borders.” All 140 crore Indians bow their heads in shame at the obnoxious incident of parading two women naked in Manipur.  Providing a library in a Jaisalmer school for students from lower strata by RCs Hyderabad Smart City and Jaisalmer Swarna Nagari is great as the reading habit has nearly vanished.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — D 3080

The edit titled Reclaiming their space was superb. Again, ­Rasheeda’s article Giving hope through Jaipur limbs was excellent. Kudos to RI Great Britain and Ireland. The write-up Rotary sets up a mega hospital in Tirupur was fantastic.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — D 3201

I am an ardent reader of Rotary News. Hats-off to S R Madhu for Susheela, the nightingale of South. With the ­veteran singer’s entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, she should have been honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award either by a Rotary club or an RI district. If anybody knows that this was done, please write in.

Shanker Mangadu, RC Madras — D 3232

The feature on P Susheela is interesting. Music critic Sriram ­Lakshman says the entire musical oeuvre of the singer comprised over 40,000 songs. And even her most ardent fan would not have listened more than 35 per cent of her songs. Quite true.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

I was impressed by the noble work of RC Haridwar Central (Rotary News Plus) to donate clothes and other items to orphaned girls at Jagjeetpur village. Other clubs should follow this example.

T D Bhatia, RC Delhi Mayur Vihar — D 3012

Creating hope

Rotary’s theme for this year, Create hope in the world, inspires us to do something positive for the community. You not only feel proud and happy to serve through Rotary, but also influence the people around you with this experience.

Atmaram Gupta, RC Maharajganj — D 3120


Exceptional project, coverage


We are elated and filled with pride reading about the extraordinary humanitarian efforts of RC Nilgiris. The club’s initiative to rejuvenate the school and its surrounding areas is praiseworthy. The project’s detailed description coupled with lovely photographs, is exceptional. Such projects stand as a beacon of inspiration for Rotary clubs, urging them to take up similar initiatives. It is worth noting that the land on which the school was established in 1967 was donated by a Rotarian. The uniforms with the Rotary Wheel, and shoes for the children have further lifted the image of Rotary.

Congratulations for the outstanding article; we commend the initiative of Air Commodore Sanjay Khanna and the dedicated club team.

Col Vijayakumar, RC Alleppey Greater — D 3211

RC Nilgiris has done a wonderful project at the ­Bettati school, helping rural students. But the strength of the school is very low, and our Rotary friends must try to enrol more students. An apt article published during literacy month!

S Mohan, RC Madurai West — D 3000

I was delighted to see the happy faces of students with their headmistress as the cover photo in the September issue. Congrats to RC Nilgiris for creating a model school. RI President Gordon McInally has written about peacebuilding with examples of Rotarians of India and Pakistan. The Editor’s note is impressive and motivating, apt for the Literacy month.

RID Anirudha Roychowdhury’s message signals the importance of education in ushering in change; TRF trustee chair Barry Rassin narrates story of Daniel in connection with TRF; and vice-chair Bharat Pandya urges Rotarians to experience the joy of giving to TRF.

Other articles including RC Bilaspur brings joy to women prisoners, A journey in philanthropy, An avid collector of Rotary stamps, Rotarians must have humanitarian spirit, Mammography bus flagged off, A tribute to the Rotary spirit, and A Mumbai ­Rotaract club dreams big, Club Hop and the health column, are all interesting. This issue is superb as usual.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

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