Letters to the Editor – January 2017 issue

Super Moon and her Stars

I read the article, A food odyssey in Delhi by Rasheeda Bhagat in the Nov issue. My journey, too, started mentally from Davanagere to Delhi and joined the writer’s family members heading towards the busy, narrow streets of Delhi where roadside restaurants were preparing delicious, spicy kebabs, the aroma of which fed my appetite and I relished them. The art of writing is superb and beautiful. I was really carried away by her writing skill.

Many Rotarians expressed their opinion at our District’s TRF ­seminar at Davanagere that the present ­Editor and her team are very efficient and excellent writers. All the articles are readable, providing food to the brain and further they endorsed that ­the ­Editor is the Super Moon and others are Stars! Hats off to all of them.

G V Sayagavi, RC Davanagere Vidyanagara – D 3160

Editorial team makes Rotarians proud

The contents of November issue are stimulating and interesting. The article Making India Literate needs special appreciation, for, the school years in one’s life lay the foundation for future growth. So, it’s no wonder that Rotary’s work in the field of literacy at the school level through the TEACH programmes has gained attention from the media. Let us continue this good work forever.

Other articles — India is doing well in Philanthropy by Rasheeda Bhagat and Jaishree’s Where college students grow vegetables and How ­economics would solve the Cauvery row by TCA Srinivasa Raghavan — are all very impressive and enrich our knowledge.

Since the Editorial team practices honest journalism by publishing interesting articles on various subjects apart from ­Rotary-related news, the Rotarian readers and others respect your journal through the Letters column.
I am one among them. How to make the coverage of incidents and events interesting to read is an art by itself as this makes the articles informative and engaging. We are proud of our editorial team.

R Srinivasan, RC Madurai Midtown – D 3000

Delightful issues

You have presented a wonderful November issue. RI ­President John Germ’s message on Arch Klumph’s revolution shows us a way towards the future. You have described the selfless service of each Rotarian in your story, Giving one more life, which featured Dr Hans’ cochlear implants for underprivileged children. PM ­Narendra Modi’s cooperation in this project is a certification of the good work being done. WinS Global Chair Sushil Gupta has said it perfectly when he remarked, “By building toilets we are building Happy Schools.” The information on a special school by Kiran Zehra in A special place is worth appreciating.

How economics would solve the Cauvery row has showcased a new dimension to the water dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Revathi Suresh has celebrated the spirit of BREW in her writeup, What is Brewing in Rotary. More than 30 events annually in the US, a developed country, neatly describes  their lifestyle. The In Brief column provides ­useful information.

Santosh Tiwar, RC Jalna Rainbow – D 3132

Hurtful statement

In the article Giving one more life (­November) Dr J M Hans says that many ENT specialists prescribe hearing aids and don’t recommend cochlear implants “because they know that once that is fitted and the child can hear, their source of income is gone. It’s easy money.” What is his justification for blaming his professional colleagues; does he have data? An apology is in order.

Radheshyam Modi, RC Akola – D 3030

The ­article is very informative.Cochlear implants are rarely advised because of high cost. The ­reference to ‘easy money’ could have been avoided.

Dr Suhas G Purohit, RC Thane – D 3142

The majority of articles ­published in the December issue are informative and worth reading. Many who suffer from migraine may have relaxed after reading about the circumstances that cause this ­disturbing ailment and its remedies. Thanks to the author O P Khanna.

Do continue to carry such health-­related articles. The article on eye donation is encouraging and the remark, “one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the smile on the recipients’ face after their sight is restored and their gratitude towards the generous donors,” is a boost to future donors.

M T Philip, RC Trivandrum Suburban – D 3211

We thank you for giving ­wonderful coverage of our ‘Rotary Art Festival’ as well as felicitation of Kalyanda’s event in the Rotary News. It was truly kind of you to come all the way to ­Baroda for our Fundraiser-cum-Public Image event — Rotary Art Festival!

Sonal Desai, President, RC Baroda Metro – D 3060

A role model from Chennai


Annadurai of Amazing Auto ­(December issue) has proved his professionalism in doing business as a service to his ­customers to suit the changing times. Hats off to RC Madras East for identifying and ­honouring this real hero. Thanks for writing about him, thus giving him a well-deserved wider publicity.

G Karthikeyan, RC Mannargudi – D 2981

It is an amazing write-up on auto driver Annadurai in the Dec issue. The article is very impressive as it briefly explains about his gradual progress. Finally, he is an IT assessee. Super! He is really a role model worthy of celebration.

S Sivasubramaniann, RC Tirunelveli Venuvanam – D 3212

India is great because of people like ­Annadurai. Hats off to him. When you ­publish such articles in Rotary News, try to give the phone ­number and email. We can also thank them over phone and write letters. Meet your District Governors is also very good.

Ashoka Kumara, RC Mysuru North – D 3181

Your editorial about a ­humble auto driver ­Annadurai — an ordinary person not even belonging to a weaker section of ­society, is amazing. He gave magazines and ­newspapers to his customers and improved his services and ushered in a  digital revolution. Is this not a worthy example for all of us to follow?

K N Chendra Shekher, RC Bangalore Southwest – D 3190

Your editorial on Annadurai is really inspiring; he is an example of many Indians who are honest in their professions and wants to bring about a change in the social scenario in India.

Arun K Dash, RC Baripada – D  3262

Dil se…


I have seen the beautiful write up of healing little hearts (Dil Se… in Mumbai) in Rotary News. Congratulations.

Dr KM Cherian, Eminent Cardiac Surgeon, Chennai

Thank you very much for such a beautiful article, Dil se… in Mumbai. You have kept up the spirit of Rotary and the cardiac specialty, and have brought out the human aspect too. I am indeed most grateful to you for disseminating this information through Rotary for the benefit of these children and their families.

Dr Suresh G Rao, Director, Children’s Heart Centre, Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Mumbai


I sincerely thank you for ­publishing our paediatric heart surgery  project ­(Healing Little Hearts), a thrust area ­project of our District, as the cover story in the December issue. This will certainly boost the morale of our Rotarians.
In the last few years, you have upgraded the quality, content and all other matters of Rotary News. We Rotarians are ­fortunate to have Rasheeda Bhagat as the Chief Editor of Rotary News.

DG Gopal Mandhania,
D 3141

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