Let’s embrace new challenges, opportunities & past wisdom

My dear Rotarians,

It is with great enthusiasm and a deep sense of responsibility that I write to you today, marking the beginning of a new Rotary year 2023–24. Being part of a team dedicated to driving the organisation forward is indeed an honour. When individuals come together with a shared vision and collaborative mindset, they can accomplish remarkable things.

Rotary has a rich history of service and impact, made possible by the collective efforts of passionate individuals like all of us. Our organisation’s ability to make positive changes across the world rests on the strong foundations built by past leaders. It is our duty to honour that work and continue their success. Each of us here has a vital role to play in continuing this legacy. Rotary International is a global service organisation which follows a specific leadership structure to ensure continuity and effective governance. This leadership structure and succession planning help to maintain continuity and effectiveness within Rotary, allowing for the consistent pursuit of the organisation’s mission to promote world peace, goodwill and understanding. As we navigate the dynamic and ever-evolving world around us, it is essential to recognise the importance of both change and continuity in leadership. While change brings with it new opportunities, challenges and perspectives, continuity allows us to maintain the momentum, knowledge and experience gained over time. It ensures a seamless transition, enabling us to sustain our ongoing projects and initiatives.

The world is constantly evolving, presenting us with new challenges and opportunities. As changemakers, we must foster an environment that encourages fresh ideas, embraces technology and explores innovative approaches. By amalgamating the wisdom of the past with the new-age technology and innovation, we can address the pressing issues of our time and make lasting impact. Furthermore, we need to invest in the development of future leaders, nurturing their potential and instilling in them the values of Rotary. Mentoring and supporting the emerging leaders will act as an investment in the sustainability of our organisation.

As we embark on this new chapter, let us commit ourselves towards service and action by uniting our strength, our experience, and our diverse perspectives to make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.

Thank you for your trust, dedication and unwavering commitment to Rotary. Together, we can continue to Create Hope in the World.

Anirudha Roychowdhury
RI Director, 2023–25

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